Surviving the Aftermath is the second game of the Surviving series developed by Haemimont Games. Same as Surviving Mars, Surviving the Aftermath is a survival colony builder game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

" Surviving the Aftermath gives us the opportunity to experiment with these mechanics in new and interesting ways that we think our players will love.”

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Surviving Mars just experienced a huge growth

Surviving Mars is a base-building survival game where you have to build a habitat on Mars so humans can live there. Thanks to Haemimont Games experience from the making of Tropica franchise, Surviving Mars gives players a brand new base-building experience.

Recently, Surviving Mars just saw exceptional growth thanks to the latest expansion called Green Planet in May. The monthly active players have increased by 8 times, even surpassed its peak at launch by 19%. Because of that success, the developer thought that they are on the right track of creating a special survival game so they announced Surviving the Aftermath. With this new game, they will have the chance to try all kinds of experiments and mechanics to surprise players. You can check out Surviving the Aftermath teaser trailer below.

As for now, apart from “post-apocalyptic survival colony builder”, we don't know any else about this game yet. From the little clue in the trailer, we can only predict that maybe the apocalypse will be a nuclear disaster or meteor strike. The developer promised to reveal more about the game at PDXCon on October 19 in Berlin.

Surviving The Aftermath Ps4 Xone Pc Teaser Trailer
Could it be a nuclear disaster or meteor strikes

Surviving the Aftermath is planned to launch in late 2020 for PC, PS 4 and Xbox One on Steam and Epic Games Store for PC. Before then, the game will go through early access first on Epic's store and Xbox Game Preview this year.