Dark Roll is available on Steam since August 02. The game is currently free and definitely worth a try.

Dark Roll is free now on Steam

Do you remember that time in your childhood when you borrowed your parents’ Nokia phone all the times? Snakes, Worm World Party, Puzzle Bobble, and Bounce are legendary names we can’t simply forget. Though simple, mobile games at the time were so interesting that we could not take our eyes off the game.

Dark Roll Free Game 01
Who could forget this iconic game on Nokia phones?

Bounce is one of the most popular games on the 2000s Nokia phones. The game is most likely our first ever adventure platform game. Bounce offered simple but interesting gameplay of adventure platform genre. Using logic and luck, we go through a fun adventure when collecting many bright circles and avoid obstacles.

Dark Roll Free Game 02
Bounce is easily our first ever adventure platformer game

Recently, an indie developer tried to craft another masterpiece using the same “rolling ball” character. In Dark Roll, you play as a rolling ball to explore the 3D platformer world. The game throws you into a dark world where light is scarce and puzzles are pretty much everywhere. You have to find your way out while collecting circles just like Bounce. However, the task is even harder this time, requiring both logic and physics.

Dark Roll Free Game 03
The game gives off an eerie aura

Dark Roll offers you simple to understand gameplay mechanics. The game is quick to learn and catch on. Just like Bounce, the game is newbie-friendly with the difficulty ranging from easy to hard. Once you have mastered the art of Dark Roll, you can try some more challenging levels.

Dark Roll Free Game 04
Simple and Innovative gameplay, Dark Roll is well worth your time

Dark Roll currently features 20 uniquely designed levels with 3 worlds to add even more challenges. As a gamer, who doesn’t like challenges? You can even customize your ball appearance with desired colors.

Dark Roll Free Game 05
Sometimes, it feels more like a horror game

The game receives many positive reviews from players. Though the game is still unpopular, Dark Roll has great potential to become one interesting puzzle adventure platformer game.