“Various potential partners have bravely taken initiative.”

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Despite the cancelation of all game projects and the game itself, Telltale Games has just published an announcement, implying the probability of completing of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – The Final Season.

All the previous seasons of The Walking Dead were very successful, with the high number of players at almost every time in the history since the release of the game. The game draws players' attention and attracts them by the beauty of characters, scenes, the good looking technique, and also the content in it.

From all the fun

The series, similar to the comic, begins with an epidemic, in it, the dead transforms into “walkers” of zombie style that decimates civilization, and the scenes are somewhere along the eastern seaboard of America. The story is about a young girl, Clementine, who was alone at the start, then found by Lee Everett. Lee taught Clementine some skills and knowledge, in order to sustain in a world of darkness and guilt, and he even helped Clementine in a journey to find her parents.


Years later, Clementine keeps going with other people, and in the end adopted herself a boy, Alvin Jr., when he was only an infant, knowing his parents were dead.  The story and also the game went on with new battles between Clementine and the people who want to take Alvin away from her. The game series also adopt characters from the comic version, namely Glenn Rhee, Hershel, Shawn, Siddiq, and Paul.

They published an update for Walking Dead, in which many partners with hidden talents have stepped forward to show their enthusiasm toward the completion of The Final Season. Though there have been no promises, the episodes 3 and 4 are surely being under positive construction, soon to be completed and published. Meanwhile, episode 2 will be available on all platforms as planned. Telltale Games also welcome all questions concerning the new episode.