There is also something really exciting about those horror games from independent developers. We could list down many games like September 1999 of 98DEMAKE and FAITH of Airdorf. Those ancient memories really stripped us back to our core and told us how much chills, terror and creepiness all-around games are capable of delivery.

Recently, we have the chance to experience all of that again with the newly released title - The Glass Staircase from Puppet Combo. This game is a combination of two things: Italian zombies of  Fulci and Retro Horror game.

PS horror games

The Glass Staircase A Game Inspired By Ps2 Horror
The Mansion

So they have designed The Glass Staircase with the inspiration from those PlayStation Survival Horror games. We could list down some of those like Rule of Rose, Silent Hill, and Clock Tower. In the game, you will put on the hat of a few young girls in a dilapidated mansion ( an orphanage) in the countryside of Britain. And surely there is something odd about this building because it is a horror game. In the game, these girls seem to be held back by faceless overseers. The nightmare actually begins once you leave the shared room, the girls then will be picked up one-by-one. To avoid that, you must discover the secret of the mansion as soon as possible. Luckily, maybe you are controlling kids but they are not normal kids but kids with gun control skill.

Italian zombie films

The other source of inspiration for this game is from those Italian zombie films. Those films which are the favorites of the developer. The clearest reference is Gates of Hell Trilogy of Fulci. The game and that film share the same nightmarish experience just like in The Beyond and House by the Cemetery. Puppet Combo has done a wonderful job in capturing all that horror essence with The Glass Staircase. The mansion in the game is quite similar to The Beyond's one. Once the mansion starts to fall apart you could really admire the majesty in its design. Also, there are also the horrors living in the mansion walls.

You could complete this game in around 2-3 hour of exploring the haunted mansion with many characters. It is available on its website for $6 on Mac and PC.