The Last Oasis has successfully drawn the attention of the gaming community.

The developer has revealed a trailer for this post-apocalyptic and survival Massively Multiplayer Online. In the trailers, we can see many players joining hands to go across a scorched area. The only means of locomotion they have are the delicate land ships that use wind power.

The Last Oasis is a product of a recently-formed team from Donkey Crew, whose base is in Poland. The game posits a futuristic world where our planet Earth is no longer spinning. This splits the Earth into two entirely different environments, one cruelly cold whereas the other blistering hot.

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In the Last Oasis, the human race cannot live in most part of The Earth

For people who have not heard about the game, you can check the brief description right on its website. To recap it for you, the description says that there is only one area on Earth where life can grow.

That place is the “narrow band between the hot and cold halves of the planet”. If the rest of Earth’s population wants to survive, they have no other choice but to migrate into it.

In order to move in such terrible weather condition, the remnants of human race have created nomadic machines. That eventually became Flotilla - a walking city.

You have to migrate in order to survive in The Last Oasis
You have to migrate in order to survive in The Last Oasis

You can find right in the middle of the game a lot of giant walking mobile bases striding across the whole area. Many consider these vessels to be reminiscent of the kinetic sculptures of artist Theo Jansen in the Strandbeest Series.

In the trailer, we can see players piloting their mobile bases quickly. We can also see them fighting in deadly and elaborate battles as if they were on the high seas.

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People have to create machines which can keep them moving

The final version of the game will also have trade systems. Besides, there will be a solo experience base building melee combat and a player-driven economy.

The game will be available as Early Access on Steam starting from the 3rd of September for Windows PC, so be sure not to miss it out!