'The Outer Worlds' is a recent game from Take-Two Interactive, created by the minds behind the original Fallout game - Obsidian. And it seems that the game was really successful both commercially and critically - even exceeded the developers' expectations, according to a recent earnings call of the company.

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A screenshot from the game

In the earnings call of Take-Two a few days ago, the company has revealed the sales milestones of their recently released titles - The Outer Worlds included. And according to the company, this game will be one of the biggest contributors to the company's revenue in the Fiscal Year of 2020. While the exact sales figures for this game weren't revealed, it seems that The Outer Worlds has far exceeded the company's expectations - which, is not small in anyways, as 'The Outer Worlds' was an ambitious project.

Along with that, the game also performed well critically - with many reviewers praising the game and give it good scores, including 9/10 and 10/10.

The Outer Worlds
According to Obsidian, a port for Nintendo Switch is coming in 2020

Also, it seems to be a good time for Take-Two, as many of their published titles also performed well enough. They've recently recorded the 115 million shipments milestone for Rockstar's 6-year-old game GTA V, along with steady profits in GTA Online and Red Dead Online, thanks to in-game microtransaction. Meanwhile, despite the worries of being an Epic Games Store exclusive title will hurt Borderland 3, the game has reached the total sale of 7 million units - which is spectacular in its own way.

All this positive results for Take-Two is also great news for Microsoft - as the success of The Outer Worlds is belong to Obsidian, and Microsoft owns this studio after a take-over last year. Thanks to this, Obsidian also played a great role in raising the reputation of Microsoft Game Studios - as Obsidian is now a part of this project alongside Ninja Theory and 4 other studios.

The Outer Worlds is now available on PC via Epic Games Store and will be ported to Nintendo Switch in 2020.