The free version of the survival game mode will be coming a little later than we have initially expected. Fortnite has made a name for itself mostly thanks to the battle royale game mode. However, it was initially launched to be a co-op survival sandbox game. This essence of the early Fortnite is still there as the Save the World for-pay game mode. At first, players will have to buy a “founder’s pack” that cost $39.99 to be able to play it. However, Epic Games had stated earlier this year that the co-op survival mode would be free in this year for PC.

That case is no longer true.

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Instead of fighting each other, players will try to survive

In a blog post, the developers officially explained that they had decided on moving the launch of the free version out of 2018. They added that they were working on many things like backend scaling system, reworks, and features. The developers believed that these things will be necessary for the free launch. The sandbox survival game mode has grown steadily since its launch in summer of 2017. Fortnite itself also has what can only be called unprecedented growth rate. Scaling the system up for hordes of players joining the game would be the key aspect to give them a perfect time.

This game mode will, however, have an offer of 50% for a short time. It is also a quite great way to farm for some V-bucks if you like those kinds of things. Aside from this, Epic Games has not given any additional information on the exact time the game mode will be free. There is also no current plan to get this mode ported to Nintendo Switch.

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The game's UI will be updated

In the same post, Epic Games also announced updates for the UI in front-end. There are also some brand-new updates coming to the Hero system that will make your approach to customizing your loadout a lot more flexible.

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