Jeanette Maus, the voice actress in the RE8: Village cannot wait for the release date of this game. She passed away last Sunday, Jan 24th, 2021 due to colon cancer. It's a tragic loss to the cast of this game.

The Voice Actress Of Resident Evil 8, Jeanette Maus, Passed Away

Jeanette Maus is also known as the action director and co-scriptwriter of the 2008's movie My Effortless Brilliance. This talented woman passed away last weekend due to colon cancer. She cannot wait to see the game she join in the voice cast to release on May 7th, 2021.

Jeanette Maus Tragic Death
Jeanette Maus, Voice Actress Of Resident Evil 8, Pass Away

The Capcom Dev Team has announced this bad news on Twitter and expressed their deep sadness for the loss of her family and friends. Jeanette Maus dubbed voice for the Lady Dimitrescu's daughter character in Resident Evil 8: Village. It's also one of the main characters in this game.

Capcom Dev 1
Capcom Dev Team has announced this bad news on Twitter.

RE8: Village is an upcoming FPP horror game set in the house of bloodthirsty female vampires with home-made red wine. These vampires also add some "special ingredients" to make their wine taste "better. Maus's character is the daughter of Lady Dimitrescu - the leader of those vampires.

Jeanette Maus Re 8
The character of Jeanette Maus in RE8 is the daughter of Lady Dimitrescu

Apart from RE8, Jeanette Maus also participated in some movies in the development, such as Casting Call, My Fiona, and Stellar People. However, she cannot see them anymore. The actress passed away due to a colon cancer complication after eight months of fighting with this disease.

Maus Passed Away
Her passing made a lot of people upset and heart-broken.

Capcom and many other colleagues who have co-operated with the actress sent their deepest sympathy to her family. They also expressed their great regret about the passing of this 39-year-old talented actress.