Square Enix has released an interesting advertisement for Final Fantasy 14

Square Enix has just brought out a new advertisement for Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming. It’s an expansion of Shadowbringers of this official shop. Wha t surprised us is the appearance of Spider Man attempting to master the Warrior of Darkness with the help from comedian Hannibal Buress. 

During the first half of the ad, we can see Holland try to be ready for the game. He is training to swing an enormous Dark Knight weapon and bust baddies, whereas Buress laconically reminds him how wasteful it is. Basically it’s a game, an Avenger’s Spidey is a gamer as well, therefore he only needs to press some buttons. Next, the game starts for both, but sadly our Spidey dude dies immediately in-game.

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The Duo star in Spider-man: Homecoming made a great ad for Final Fantasy XIV

The hilarious pairing made a nice chemistry together due to partner relationship in Spider-Man: Homecoming. While Holland shows his strength by bench-pressing his co-star, Buress jabs back by reminding that Tom isn’t a hard-ass for a warrior, “he’s a dude from “nice a part of London.” “It’s not about trying to be the Ultimate Final Fantasy Master, it’s what in here that matters and what’s in there is a gamer.” How nice is a quote from the ads.

But the Final Fantasy may be beyond our expectation.

Square Enix is keeping the web version of Final Fantasy totally fresh, together with the notice of updated classes, new worlds, and a just-revealed road map for what the Warrior of Darkness will expect once Shadowbringers is get into the wild.

Not that we’re looking forward for it, mind you back: Final Fantasy 14. Square Enix has already shown off the expansion for Shadowbringers on 28th June for those pre-ordered, and 2nd July for everybody. Final Fantasy 14 is out there for Windows computer, Mac, and PlayStation 4.