Since its debut in 2016, Factorio has emerged as a standout indie game on Steam, gaining immense popularity despite its retro graphics and muted hues. This can be attributed to the game's captivating and dynamic gameplay, where players progressively automate mundane tasks, constructing a streamlined factory that practically manages itself. Factorio's success has inspired a wave of similar "factory management" and automation games, each offering distinctive art styles and unique gaming experiences.

These games offer players the chance to create, construct, and automate a range of systems. Whether it's designing automated kitchens, refining word chains, overseeing colonies, forming intricate shapes, mining resources, assembling goods, or building vast intergalactic factories, players have diverse opportunities for creativity and problem-solving.

1. Mindustry

Mindustry stands out as an exceptional tower defense factory management game where players construct automated supply networks to feed ammunition to their turrets, safeguarding their base against continuous enemy onslaughts. It incorporates real-time strategy components, enabling players to create mechanized units for defending their base and expanding their territory. To maintain active defenses, players must utilize "production blocks" and conveyor belts to establish efficient production lines. Moreover, Mindustry offers a single-player campaign alongside online cooperative gameplay and team-based player versus player modes.


2. Dyson Sphere Program

In Dyson Sphere Program, players are challenged with constructing large-scale factories across multiple planets in space, mining resources and building a prosperous industrial empire. This space simulation game unfolds in a procedurally generated universe with diverse planets, stars, and resources. Players must devise and construct efficient production systems while overseeing transport teams to collect and transfer resources between planets. The game's vast scope offers a substantial experience, albeit one that requires a longer investment of time to fully engage with compared to other games.

Dyson Sphere Program First Hour Base
 Dyson Sphere Program

3. Satisfactory

Satisfactory, a science-fiction open-world game, immerses players in an alien planet where they must construct and oversee multi-tiered factories intricately connected by conveyor belts. While the game primarily emphasizes factory management, it also incorporates elements of exploration and combat, enabling players to navigate the alien world and fend off indigenous creatures. Additionally, Satisfactory offers automation options, allowing players to automate transport vehicles such as trucks and trains to efficiently transport goods across the planet. Furthermore, the game supports online cooperative play, enabling players to collaborate in building factories and exploring the planet together.


4. Infinifactory

Infinifactory is a science fiction puzzle game set in a sandbox environment where players, viewing the world from a first-person perspective, are tasked with constructing factories to produce goods for extraterrestrial rulers.


The game offers a narrative-driven campaign comprising over fifty puzzles, accompanied by end-of-level histograms enabling players to gauge the efficiency of their factories and compare them with others. Additionally, Infinifactory includes a sandbox mode for experimenting with its unique "block engine." Furthermore, the game provides robust Steam Workshop support, enabling players to create, share, and explore custom puzzles.

5. Autonauts

Autonauts is a distinctive automation game that distinguishes itself with its colony-building concept. In this game, players are challenged to automate diverse productions by crafting robots and instructing them using an educational visual programming language akin to Scratch.

Autonauts Is Available Right Now For Pc Via Steam

Players are presented with a plethora of tasks to assign and teach their robotic employees. The game revolves around creating a harmonious, fully automated colony by meticulously tinkering and enhancing the capabilities of the robotic workforce. Witnessing an entire colony efficiently operated by robots programmed by the player offers a uniquely gratifying experience.

6. Shapez

Shapez is an abstract automation game characterized by its minimalist design. The gameplay unfolds on an endlessly expanding map, where players are tasked with automating the creation of progressively intricate shapes using the game's array of machines.


What sets Shapez apart is its tranquil ambiance and straightforward visual style, which is both visually appealing and easy to comprehend. This simplicity makes the puzzle-like gameplay effortless to explore. While it lacks the sandbox freedom of Factorio and doesn't incorporate combat or technology trees, Shapez is an enjoyable and clever automation game that can captivate players for hours on end.

7. Hydroneer

Hydroneer is a sandbox game centered around base-building, focusing primarily on mining activities. In this game, players are challenged to excavate diverse resources and generate profits by establishing a mining base equipped with a modular building system and hydro-powered machinery.

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To succeed, players must develop an effective mining operation, constructing intricate networks of pipes and regulating water pressure to drive their machines. Much of the gameplay involves digging through the voxel-based terrain, locating valuable ore veins, and transporting the extracted resources across the map.

8. Kubifaktorium

Kubifaktorium is a colony simulation and management game set in a voxel-based world. Players are immersed in the challenge of constructing and overseeing a colony by efficiently managing resources and implementing intricate production lines using complex machinery. This unique approach sets it apart in the crowded colony simulation genre.

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The game offers diverse transport options such as trains, conveyor belts, and zeppelins, enabling players to seamlessly move resources within their colony. Additionally, players can automate their colony's production processes using automated farms, smelters, and crushers connected by conveyor belts.

9. Word Factori

Word Factori is an innovative "word-building" game distinguished by its straightforward visual design and user-friendly mechanics. Players are challenged to construct sequences of vibrant factories, manipulating the letter "i" into increasingly complex letters.

Word Factori

While Word Factori leans more toward being a puzzle game than a factory management simulation, it motivates players to optimize their factory chains for higher scores. Despite its brevity, the game offers additional objectives like challenge levels and hidden word art, ensuring players remain engaged throughout.

10. Automachef

Automachef is a resource management puzzle game that challenges players to create automated kitchens. Through building and programming a range of machines, players aim to create the ideal production line for their restaurant.

Automachef Release Date

The game offers a campaign with challenging scenarios and a "contracts" mode, along with a sandbox mode that lets players experiment freely with its mechanics. Although Automachef may not match the complexity and lasting appeal of Factorio, it serves as a valuable exploration for those seeking diverse approaches to automation gameplay.

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