Are you in search of the top dinosaur games on PC? Whether you want to pursue the prehistoric creatures or play as them while destroying humans, the entertainment value of dinosaurs in video games is boundless. However, the number of successful dinosaur games has been limited. In reality, until recently, there were few games that satisfied dinosaur and big gun enthusiasts. Some examples of these disappointing games included velociraptors that resembled dogs, weapons that were as satisfying as throwing bullets manually, and jeeps that inevitably rolled into a ditch, no matter what buttons you pressed.

If you're looking for exciting dinosaur games, here are the finest options on PC.

1. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark is a dinosaur survival game, as its subtitle suggests, which means you must first craft your own spear to fend off those pesky raptors before you can start killing dinosaurs. Although the shooting mechanics aren't the smoothest and there are still many glitches, even years after its initial release, the variety of creatures to battle, hunt, and tame in Ark will keep you exploring the game's various biomes for hundreds of hours.

Best Dinosaur Games Ark Survival Evolved
Ark: Survival Evolved

Once you've learned their quirks, you can even ride and domesticate the dinosaurs in Ark to assist you in surviving in the world, whether as simple mounts for faster travel, resource gatherers, cargo carriers, or loyal foot soldiers. Additionally, there are numerous mods available for Ark: Survival Evolved.

2. Jurassic World Evolution 2

While many dinosaur games on PC focus on hunting these creatures, Frontier Developments has taken a different approach with the Jurassic World Evolution series by creating a dinosaur ranching experience. Instead of using a minigun to eliminate rare creatures, you strive to construct a functional Jurassic Park that can survive its first day without falling apart. Of course, the entire operation is vulnerable to all sorts of disasters.

Best Dinosaur Games Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2 introduces numerous new management tools and a variety of dinosaurs with more intricate behaviors and demands. In Chaos Theory mode, you can test your crisis management skills in scenarios directly inspired by the films, as you take charge of parks on the verge of catastrophe.

3. Lego Jurassic World

Continuing with the Jurassic Park franchise, Lego Jurassic World blends the gameplay of action-adventure game specialist TT Games with the plots of the Jurassic Park trilogy and the first Jurassic World film. Essentially, it is a compilation of the series' greatest moments, complete with a blocky Jeff Goldblum overload.

Best Dinosaur Games Lego Jurassic World
Lego Jurassic World

The most enjoyable aspect is that the Lego games are among the best cooperative games available, making it an excellent dinosaur game to enjoy with friends and family. Apart from the setting, there isn't much that distinguishes this Lego game from others, but the ability to play as a wide range of dinosaurs makes it a lot of fun.

4. The Isle

The Isle is a dinosaur survival simulation game that can be played with multiple players and is still in the process of being developed in Steam Early Access. However, there is no other game like it on PC. The game is quite straightforward, you join a server full of dinosaurs that are being played by other people, and your goal is to survive by hunting smaller dinosaurs and avoiding predators.

Dinosaur Games The Isle
The Isle

What makes The Isle truly engaging is when players begin to create packs and alliances within a server, leading to player-run herds, nests for expanding your group, and ultimately massive dinosaur battles.

5. Dino D-Day

The multiplayer games that involve shooting can sometimes lack humor and creativity, especially the ones that aim for historical accuracy. However, Dino D-Day breaks this norm and offers an alternative to the traditional WWII shooter games. It combines the tactical gameplay of Day of Defeat with the exciting combat of dinosaurs.

Best Dinosaur Games Dino D Day
Dino D-Day

Despite sounding like a humorous game like Blood and Bacon, it's actually a well-crafted class-based shooter that incorporates unique concepts such as a tiny dinosaur that enhances the explosive power of its payload by attacking your ankles. It also includes a raptor that can take out individual targets by pinning them down and slashing at them, similar to Left 4 Dead's Hunter. However, the game is almost ten years old, and the number of active players has decreased significantly. Nonetheless, if you can get it on sale and convince your friends to play it, Dino D-Day can be a fun and refreshing game.

6. Primal Carnage

The focus of dinosaur-hunting games is often the battle between human and beast, and that’s exactly what you can expect from Primal Carnage. On one side, you have hunters armed with big guns and sporting sunglasses, while on the other side, you have giant reptiles ready to fight.

Best Dinosaur Games Primal Carnage
Primal Carnage

Although some players may prefer roleplay servers, Primal Carnage is most enjoyable when both sides are going all out against each other, resulting in a fun, chaotic brawl. It's hard to resist a game where you can play as a pterodactyl and swoop down to pick up and drop a player to their doom. Similar to Dino D-Day, this multiplayer game has a limited player base, so it's best to play with a group of friends to ensure a game.

7. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn

If you're searching for a game that feels more like a traditional hunting simulation and involves taking down triceratops, then this is the game for you. This game is a modern version of a popular series from the late 90s that centers on tracking, hunting, and eliminating a range of dinosaurs. To get an accurate shot, you need to stealthily approach these large creatures and hold your breath.

Best Dinosaur Games Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter Reb
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn

The size and condition of your target determine the rewards you receive for a clean kill. Although the game lacks extensive content, if you're bored with hunting defenseless woodland creatures like deer and boars, then this could provide a refreshing change of scenery.

8. Turok & Turok 2

When Gears of War and Call of Duty 4 brought the shooter genre into a more realistic realm, there were still plenty of colorful shooters to be had. Turok was one such shooter, featuring spinny weapons, fast-paced running, and a plethora of enemies to fight through. Despite being a product of the Quake era, the original Turok offers some of the best dinosaur killing of its time.

Best Dinosaur Games Turok 2
Turok & Turok 2

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, on the other hand, is a more advanced game, focusing on non-linear environments as opposed to the linear paths of other shooters of its time. It is mostly remembered for its creative weaponry, such as the Cerebral Bore, which does exactly what it says on the tin. While not the best old games, they are remembered for good reason and are perfect for anyone looking to kill some giant reptiles.

9. Monster Hunter: World

While not technically dinosaurs, creatures like Apceros and Anjanath in Monster Hunter: World are clearly inspired by real-life dinosaurs. As the name suggests, the game puts you in the shoes of a monster hunter, with a vast world filled with fantastical beasts to track down, identify, and take down in epic boss battles. After slaying a monster, you can harvest its resources, take them back to your camp, and craft stronger weapons and armor to tackle even tougher foes.

Best Dinosaur Games Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter: World

Aside from the satisfying power progression, Monster Hunter: World also boasts some of the best combat in the action-RPG genre. With a wide variety of weapon types, from traditional sword and shield combos to more unconventional options like the gunlance, mastering each weapon's unique move set is a steep but rewarding challenge. If you're willing to invest the time and effort, Monster Hunter: World is arguably the best dinosaur hunting game available, even if some of its monsters have wings and breathe fire.

10. Far Cry: Primal

Although it's true that Primal takes place during the Mesolithic era, millions of years after the dinosaurs were extinct, if you're a dinosaur enthusiast, then the woolly rhinos, mammoths, and ferocious cave bears in the game are the next best thing. Far Cry Primal lets you hunt and even tame these creatures to fight alongside you.

Best Dinosaur Games Far Cry Primal Beasts
Far Cry: Primal

Even if you become bored of the mammalian hunting, the game still offers one of the best open-world experiences with many side quests and hidden surprises to keep you entertained. While it may not be the best game in the Far Cry series, it captures the essence of prehistoric times better than most other games.

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