Turtles are a unique type of mobs in Minecraft. You don't see them too often and they only spawn near water areas. Most players often ignore a turtle when they come across one because they don't know what to do with it.

In fact, turtles can be quite useful and in this article, we will show you 3 things you can do with turtles in Minecraft.

1. Aquarium

Having a huge aquarium in your house can really spice things up and make it look really unique. Of course, you will a lot as many aquatic creatures inside of it, including turtles to make it more lively.

Building an aquarium is quite simple. You need glass to contain the water and add some seagrass, kelp, and other blocks inside.

Minecraft Compressed
An aquarium in the house will give it a unique look.

2. XP farm

You can farm quite a lot of XP by breeding turtles and killing them off. Each turtle can drop up to 3 XP orbs. When you successfully breed turtles, it can drop up to 7 XP orbs. You can make a breeding turtles farm and then kill the extra to get a lot of XP orbs.

Turtle Farm
Turtle breeding can give you a lot of XP orbs.

3. Scute farm

A turtles farm can also get you Scute, a valuable material to craft turtle shells to make a special potion, the Potion of the Turtle Master. The Potion of the Turtle Master reduces players' movement speed by 60% while also reducing their damage taken by 60%.

You can also use a turtle shell to make a helmet with the same level of protection as an iron helmet.

A Scute drop when a baby turtle grows up into an adult turtle.

Scute Farm
You can make a really sturdy helmet using Scute from the turtle farm.

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