The GTA Franchise is one of the most iconic in the video games world. It is famous for massive open-world maps, immersive action gameplay, and a plethora of great story missions. Each entry of the series has a unique theme - from the 80s neon style of Vice City to the 90s gangster aesthetics of San Andreas.

All GTA Games
All the mainline games in the GTA franchise

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best missions ever made in the GTA series' history, in no particular order.

1 - Just Business (GTA San Andreas)

A high-speed chase is always exciting, and this whole mission is a high-speed chase. When protagonist CJ's friend Big Smoke gets attacked by the Russian mafia, it is now your job to protect and help the guy escape to safety.

Bike chase
High-speed chase with explosions

You will stay on the back seat of a bike during the chase and try to shoot as many pursuers as possible. The best part of this mission is a sequence inspired by the iconic Terminator 2 chasing scene, in which the T-1000 drives a truck to chase John Connor in the sewers.

2 - Keep Your Friends Close (GTA Vice City)

This is the final mission of GTA Vice City in which you get betrayed by one of your closest allies, Lance Vance. In this quest, Tommy confronts Sonny and Lance with the fake bills just to piss them off before attacking. After the biggest gunfight in the game, the player character seeks out Lance and kill him for his betrayal.

Tommy vs Sonny
Confronting the mob boss and kill him to become the next boss

The best part about this mission is that you would not see Lance's backstab coming. After dispatching him, you also need to take your revenge on Sonny to become the undisputed boss of Vice City.

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3 - Three Leaf Clover (GTA 4)

Three Leaf Clover is the first heist ever in the GTA Series. It was received very well by fans and is actually the reason why GTA 5 has gotten so many heist missions. Gameplay-wise Three Leaf Clover is nothing special. It is just the usual "protagonist assembling a team to hit the largest bank in the city and steal millions of dollars".

4-man crew heist
The protag and a crew hitting the biggest bank in the city

There is a reference to this mission in GTA V, with Packie being one of the crew members you could hire as a gunman in Paleto Score. He was part of the 4-man crew of Three Leaf Clover.

4 - The Big Score (GTA 5)

This is the biggest heist in the GTA series and the final heist in GTA 5. The protagonist has dreamed of doing this all his life - the quest is appropriately dubbed "The Big Score". There are two approaches that you can take in this quest, each offers a unique set of setup missions and outcomes.

Disguising as security officers
The Big Score's subtle approach has the team disguising as security

After the end of the heist, each protagonist receives $44 million, the highest reward ever in GTA.

5 - End of the Line (GTA San Andreas)

All final quests in GTA games are super elaborate and well crafted, and GTA: SA's final End of the Line is not an exception. In this iconic mission, the protagonist CJ hunts down Big Smoke who's a close friend turned betrayer. Their confrontation puts an end to all the conflict in San Andreas.

Final fight against Big Smoke
The final fight against Big Smoke in the mission

This quest is the perfect conclusion to San Andreas with a lot of action and drama. It brings together all gameplay elements that you have experienced so far in the game together.

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