Popular culture’s fascination with the undead has given us many gifts - and zombie video games are one of the best types of media representing them. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best zombie games to play in 2022.

1. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a mix of Runescape and the Sims with a dash of a zombie apocalypse. It is easily among the best zombie survival game I've played. It is one of the few Zombie survival games that actually try to have everything loved from the genre. Crafting, cooking and farming. Barricade windows and doors, build a safe house and scavenge supplies to stay alive.


You can alter every facet of the game world, from the day you start on (full 365 days a year to choose from, 4 seasons), the type of zombies and how many of them you want in your nightmare scenario, how much loot spawns, the chance the house you're looting is locked, if it has a house alarm, if it is a special loot house... etc. It's all here and what I mentioned isn't even a fraction of the settings you can change.


The Zombie AI is great. It's basic and exploitable by design which offers a ton of opportunities to master it. For example, if you have a horde of zombies on you, you can lead them through a house. Some will follow you, some will get stuck on furniture, and some will lose interest and start bashing windows. Or perhaps you want to lure them over a low fence to trip them up and slow them down to give you some space to lose them. Or maybe if you saw the horde coming and snuck up to the edge of their vision. Afterward, you let a few spots you to pull them off and take them on in small numbers at a time.

2. Dying Light

Dying Light is a superb open-world game (a mix of survival, first-person action and RPG) where the citizens of Harran (a fictional place in Turkey) are becoming infected with a rabies-related virus. Your task (as protagonist Kyle Crane) is to locate research regarding a cure on behalf of the Global Relief Effort. You join a garrisoned band of survivors in Harran and take on the role of one of their 'runners' (people who carry out the dangerous work of gathering supplies and carrying out other requests on behalf of survivors) as a guise while you try to infiltrate and locate a wanted man and some vital data.

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The game's large, open-world environments are incredible - set in the slums of Harran and (later) Old Town - both locations offering a different style of parkour. Your movement will be a mix of running, jumping, using a grappling hook or sliding down cables. Oh, and the odd swim! The parkour is fluid, easy and not over-fantasized (it is not beyond imagining that a fit and strong man could perform the moves the game offers). The campaign itself is of good length and enjoyable, and there is a wealth of optional side missions and challenges to complete.

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The game is divided into two scenarios: day and night. By day, the infected and 'virals' roam the streets aimlessly (often in huge numbers) but don't present too much of a danger provided you keep to rooftops and higher areas. At night though, everything becomes much more sinister! Not only are the infected out in greater number, but a darker, almost indestructible breed of the infected comes out for the hunt. They're stronger than you, faster than you, and would like dinner with you (you as the main course). There is no other recourse but to stay indoors and sleep until daybreak or dare to go out and use stealth and speed as best you can. It's worth it because you'll get double experience points, but you might not last too long. You have been warned!

3. Left 4 Dead 2

Even though this game is over 13 years old it still holds up as being one of, if not THE best zombie game on the market. It's not only fun playing single player but it's hilarious when you can get three more friends to join in the zombie killing. The graphics are still great even when compared with today's standards. The hardware requirement is pretty low, any PC that isn't too ancient will be able to run this game pretty well, even for laptops that run on integrated graphics.


The controls are smooth, bugs are almost non-existent. Official contents already have a lot of replayability, and on top of that, the modding community is very active, adding tons of content with mods for new maps, new game modes, and many funny cosmetic changes.

Although the setting is in a zombie-apocalypse world, the game isn't like a horror survival game. This game is more like a fast-paced first-person shooter focusing on getting from point A to point B, mass-killing zombies and completing objectives. The graphics are very violent and gruesome, and there may be some jump scares when you first encounter some of those special zombies. However, after playing for some time, you will get used to the violent graphics, and learn to pick up sound cues to be prepared for the jump scare. This game is a pretty good game for gamers who wanted to enjoy the zombie-apocalypse subgenre but are too afraid to play other horror-focused survival games.

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This game heavily emphasizes co-op gameplay, and so it is best played with friends with voice chat on. Although you can still play it in single player (where the rest of the team will be controlled by AI), the AI is almost as good as a novice player in terms of action judgment and reaction time. You will need better real players in order to win harder difficulties.

4. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2: Remake is a fun and tension-filled homage to classic Resident Evil games with an excellent modern twist.

Instead of the fixed camera angles the first RE2 had this version is updated into a 3rd person perspective allowing for a more organic and natural feel for the gameplay. Despite the perspective changes you’ll often find the game to still be quite claustrophobic as many zombies will try and snuggle up with you while in a small corridor so no worries there.

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Shooting is the same in this game as the other Resident Evil titles so make sure to position yourself carefully and aim for the head so you suddenly don’t find yourself with a chunk of your flesh missing. The game also allows you to be a little creative when dealing with zombies. So say you want to shoot them but don’t want to use too much ammo, you can also shoot them in the legs and disable them so it’s easier to run away and trust me it’s quite fun to do.

Still though, running away is still the most optimal way to play the game as ammo and healing items are worth their weight in gold, especially on hardcore difficulty, and it’s best not to waste them by fighting every zombie you come across.

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You’ll also find various puzzles you’ll need to solve in order to progress through the game. The best addition to this game is that whenever you fully explore a room, the room will then be colored blue telling you that all possible items have been retrieved so if you ever want to find out where to probably check out next just check your map and you’re on your way. All in all, the gameplay is fantastic and definitely can keep you on edge throughout your entire playtime.

5. The Walking Dead

Some zombie games have told stories, but let's be completely honest, it's normally about the gore, the blood, the violence, and hey, here goes a neat little story to move the killing from one area to the next.. The Walking Dead takes the Zombie video game genre and makes it unique. It is a graphic adventure game played from a third-person perspective, featuring a variety of cinematic camera angles, in which we team up with a group of survivors to survive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

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Unlike many graphic adventure games, The Walking Dead does not emphasize puzzle solving but instead focuses on story and character development. The story is affected by both the dialogue choices of the player and their actions during quick-time events. The choices made by the player carry over from episode to episode.

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Our main character, Lee, is a criminal convicted of murder. On the way to the prison, the car gets into an accident and while trying to seek help from nearby houses, he meets 8-year-old Clementine. As the world begins to succumb to the zombie apocalypse, Lee becomes a protective figure for Clementine to help her reunite with her family. And that's how it all starts.

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