GTA 5 Story mode has a total of 69 missions with various difficulties. Some of them will cost you quite a lot of time and effort to do right while some will take even less than a few minutes. Let's take a look at the list of top 5 easiest missions in GTA 5 Story mode below.

1. Prologue

The Prologue is the very first mission you need to complete when you play GTA 5 Story mode. You will need to rob a Bobcat cash storage establishment in Ludendorff, North Yankton. Players will be controlling Michael and Trevor in this mission. This is kind of a tutorial mission so the game will guide players through everything they need to do.

This mission will help you go through the basic in GTA 5.

2. Franklin and Lamar

This mission introduces Franklin and Lamar to the player. Most of this mission will revolve around driving and racing. You will be controlling Franklin to steal a car, race with Lamar, and bring it to the dealership while avoiding the cops.

Franklin and Lamar
All you have to do is pick a car and drive.

3. The Good Husband

Amanda, Michael's wife is in trouble with the cops, so you will be a good husband and control Michael to help her. The mission is quite straightforward. You just need to steal a cop car, try to lose them, and take Amanda back to their mansion.

Good Husband
Steal the cop car and take Amanda home.

4. Hotel Assassination

In this mission, you will control Franklin to take down a target. You can either shoot him with a sniper rifle or bomb his car. After that, you just have to get away from the scene as fast as possible to complete the mission. There is little to nothing obstacle in this mission since the cops rarely show up.

Gtav Hotel Assassination
You can take down the target easily with no challenge.

5. Doting Dad

Micheal's daughter is getting stalked by a stranger on the internet. Of course, you, as Micheal, are going to find out who this guy is and decide how to handle him. You just need to drive a bit and you will see the stalker in a purple pickup truck. You can kill him or spare him, each of which will lead to a different ending. After that, just take Stacy home to complete the mission.

Gta 5 Mission 64 Doting Dad
The stalker will be driving a purple Tornado.

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