The Arcade has become one of the most popular businesses in GTA Online, ever since its debut back in 2019 during the Diamond Casino Update. Besides providing you with some passive income, the Arcade serves as the hud for the Diamond Casino Heist and can provide players with some minigames.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase all arcade locations in GTA Online, ranked from best to worst.

1. Videogeddon (La Mesa)

  • Cost: $1,875,000

Videogeddon is probably the one with the best location. It is in the city and is also the closest Arcade to the Diamond Casino, where the heisting is done. As the arcade is heavily used in the Diamond Casino heist, there are lots of going back and forth between the two locations. Videogeddon turns the trips into 2-minute drives whereas other locations can even force players to travel across the entire map.


Additionally, the place has amazing back entrances via the Los Santos Rivers in which you can spawn personal aircraft right next door for easy in and out. The front entrance is also good, as it has access to the highway. Players can even find a Los Santos Customs and cheap 10-car garages nearby as well.

2. Insert Coin (Rockford Hills)

  • Cost: $2,345,000

Located right next to the beach, near the west side of the city, Insert Coin is perfect if you already set up your businesses around the place. It has easy access from the main road, a space to land helicopters, close to the Chumash bunker, all MC businesses in the city and Del Perro nightclub.

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Overall, the location of Insert Coin is decent, as it is close enough for players to do the Casino heist easier, but far enough for them to maximize passive income from the arcade.

3. Eight-Bit (Vinewood)

  • Cost: $2,530,000

The Eight-bit is the most expensive arcade in GTA Online. Its location in the upper region of the city gives you easy access to the Casino and also places you close to the cheapest CEO office. If you already have businesses in the area and don't mind spending more, the Eight-Bit Vinewood arcade is definitely for you.


Additionally, it also has cool looking exterior and graphics so players don't have to re-decorate the location. Purchasing all the most expensive locations such as this is a great way to show off your wealth in GTA Online.

4. Warehouse (Davis)

  • Cost: $2,135,000

As this arcade is in Davis, players need to travel through the city to get to the casino. This can be a problem, as players would be vulnerable to other players attacking or disrupting them. Additionally, vehicles parked outside on the main road can be damaged by other players.


The biggest advantage that the Davis Warehouse arcade gives is that it is located in the same building as the Davis vehicle warehouse, which makes doing tasks more convenient. It also has easy routes to the international airport.

5. Pixel Pete's (Paleto Bay)

  • Cost: $1,235,000

Being the furthest Arcade from the Casino, Pixel Pete is the cheapest Arcade in GTA and is perfect for players with a smaller budget. If you often hang around on the top of the map and only go to the city a few times every session, it is for you. The lower price allows players to invest the rest of the money into more arcade machines so that the facility generates more passive income.

Gta Online What Is The Income Of An Arcade

Many players also own the bunker near this location, so if you already have that bunker, Pixel Pete's might be a good investment.

6. Wonderama (Grapeseed)

  • Cost: $1,565,000

Wonderama is far from the city and in the desert area of the map, right next to the Grapeseed airstrip. Even though it is next to a highway that goes directly to the casino, the distance is just too great and players will need a fast car. Overall, players should only buy this arcade if they own the nearby Coke Lock-up, as these two businesses are within a 1 minute driving distance of each other.

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At least not many people will be attacking this location, as they often focus on the city more.

What are the best Arcade Renovations?

While a 10-car garage and spawn point from Personal Quarters can be useful, you actually don't need any of them. Just get the Master Control Terminal from the Pixel Emporium - it can be used for management of all other businesses (Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo, Motorcycle Club businesses, Supplies, Air Freight Cargo, and Nightclub businesses). Players can check the supplies level for all applicable fronts, plus the popularity of the nightclub.

You can buy the following arcade cabinets - each of them has unique minigames with awards attached.

  • Axe of Fury
  • Badlands Revenge II
  • Camhedz
  • Defender of the Faith
  • Don't Cross the Line
  • Invade and Persuade 2
  • Monkey's Paradise
  • Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets
  • Madam Nazar
  • Race and Chase: Street Legal
  • Penetrator
  • Race and Chase: Get Truckin'
  • QUB3D
  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw
  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad
  • Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition
  • The Love Professor
  • The Wizard's Ruin

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