GTA Online: Arena War is a number of special missions available to play inside the Maze Bank Arena. They focus on large arena setups with props, terrain, and stunts. The mode has a huge selection of vehicles, including special variants of each, and a large number of modifications available to apply to each variant.

While these vehicles are designed for Arena War deathmatch, they look really good and are definitely worth using in freeroam.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 best Arena War vehicles that players should try in GTA Online 2022.

1. Future Shock Bruiser

The design of the Benefactor Bruiser (Arena) is based on a real life Mercedes-Benz W123, "People Eater's" limousine from the 2015 action film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Futureshockbruiser Gtao Front
Players can convert their Glendale into the Future Shock Bruiser for $1,609,000 at the Arena Workshop.

For a large six-wheeled vehicle, the Bruiser handles remarkably well. Its acceleration is above average and easily outclasses other vehicles of its size. Being an Arena War vehicle, players can install all sort of crazy mods on it such as boost, jump, battering ram, spike bodywork... and more.

Being a Future Shock vehicle, players can install two phased plasma guns, which seem to have a higher fire rate but retain the same damage per round as the regular machine guns.

2. Apocalypse Deathbike

The design of the Western Deathbike (Arena) is based on a real life Daryl's bike from the TV Series The Walking Dead. It is similar to the Gargoyle in terms of handling, but has possibly the highest top speed of all land vehicles at a recorded 150 mph.

On top of that, it can also be fitted with the usual Arena War mods such as jump and boost. This is why the Deathbike is a favorite of GTA players in motorcycle races.

Apocalypsedeathbike Gtao Front
Players can convert their Gargoyle into an Apocalypse Deathbike for $1,269,000 at the Arena Workshop.

Weapon wise, the bike can be installed with two gatling guns on the side, which is deadly against players and unarmored vehicles.

3. Apocalypse Sasquatch

The design of the Bravado Sasquatch (Arena) is based on a real life 1940 Dodge W-Series, custom W-Series, aka "Bigfoot" in the film Mad Max: Fury Road.

It can be fitted with the usual Arena War mods such as jump, boost, armor... alongside two kinetic grenade launchers and a battering ram. Its grenades deal little damage but can launch other vehicles and players into the air.

Apocalypsesasquatch Gtao Front
Players can convert their Rat-Loader or Rat-Truck into a Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch for $1,530,875.

The Sasquatch performs very similar to the Liberator and Marshall, but has a higher top speed and better acceleration, taking only a few seconds to reach 60 miles per hour.

4. Future Shock ZR380

The design of the Annis ZR380 (Arena) is based on a real life Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z, Porsche 935. Being a sports car, the ZR380 performs exceptionally well. It has great top speed and good handling, but its acceleration is decent, partially due to the weight of its armor parts.

Players can purchase the vehicle from the Arena War for $2,138,640 - $1,608,000.

Alongside the usual Arena mods, the Future Shock ZR380 has access to two phased plasma guns, which seem to have higher fire rate but retain the same damage per round as the regular machine guns.

The melee mods includes Spikes and Saw Blades, which turn the sports car into a death machine.

5. Nightmare Cerberus

The design of the MTL Cerberus (Arena) is based on a real life Peterbilt 281, War Rig from Mad Max: Fury Road. The truck is relatively slow but has the ability to ram other vehicles aside quite easily.

Maxresdefault 1
The vehicle can be purchased for $3,870,300 - $2,910,000 from Arena War.

The MTL Nightmare Cerberus can be fitted with different mods and boosters, along with some deadly weapons such as a front and rear flamethrower. This weapon is unique to this vehicle and deals a large amount of damage to NPCs, however, it is useless against other players.

This truck would be perfect in a zombie-themed event if they ever come to GTA Online.

6. Nightmare Dominator

The design of the Vapid Dominator (Arena) is based on a real life Custom Ford Mustang from the 2008 film Death Race. Identical to the movie version, The Dominator features a Tombstone armor plate on the back that can be detached from the vehicle, serving as a portable obstacle to use against pursuing vehicles. It also decreases the general weight of the car and increases acceleration.

Nightmare Dominator
Players can convert a normal Dominator into this variant for $1,132,000.

Weapon wise, the Dominator can be modified to have two machine guns, which behave similarly to other front-mounted machine guns from various armed land vehicles. They are weak against heavily armored targets.

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