People sometimes mistakenly referring to open-world games as “Sandbox”, however, a real sandbox game is very different. In this type of game, not only can you explore the vast world, but you can also create without much restriction. Sandbox games unlock your creative ability, as you can craft, explore, build without any pressure from the game or other players. Because of that, these games are best enjoyed after a long day of work. Whether you are building a sprawling town or constructing a massive castle, sandbox games typically can accommodate your every need. In this article below we will list out some of the best sandbox games that you could play on PC.

1 – Minecraft

The castle of Winterfell recreated in Minecraft

One of the most popular video games in the world, you cannot mention Sandbox Games without Minecraft. While it is not the first game using this concept or even the best, the strength of Minecraft lies at its lifespan. The game is supported constantly by both developers and independent creators, providing it with new updates and content. Over the years, the game has been updated numerous times – it grows from just a simple base building simulator to a proper adventure RPG, with a lot of role-playing elements added such as item crafting, bosses and a lot more. The best part of this game, however, is its creative mode. With this mode, you would get access to every crafting block and items in the game so that you could go wild with creativity.

2 – Terraria

The 2D world of Terraria

While Terraria is often called the 2D version of Minecraft, in reality, the game is much more than that. In addition to its Sandbox nature, there are many more options that could be explored such as terraforming, building, decorating… The RPG elements in Terraria is a lot more robust than Minecraft, as it is progression based. The player character would get stronger with each level, unlocking access to new equipment that they can use to defeat even more powerful enemies. While there is no creative mode built into the game at the start, it could easily be modded in. The game is also pretty cheap and goes on sale very regularly – it can be said that Terraria is one of the best deals ever in gaming.

3 – Garry’s Mod

Garry's mods along with all the shenanigans that you could make using the Source engine

Originally a mod of Half-Life 2, made by a guy named Garry. At the time, no one could be able to predict GMod’s future growth – the game has blasted itself into the top 10 most played games on Steam constantly. In Garry’s Mod, players are allowed to do whatever they want inside Valve’s Source engine. Every single resource inside the engine is available for the players to play and modify, from NPCs to props to models… and even additional third-party assets. With the physics emulator from Source, a multitude of gameplay elements could be easily added in.

4 – Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program's main campaign would let you build and launch a rocket

Kerbal Space Program is technically a space ship building sim, in which you would have to construct a working space ship to fly safely into space without any accident. While the premise and normal mode of the game isn’t bad, its sandbox mode is actually the more popular one. While the rocket is still the main priority, you are given as free pass to every other part without much restrictions. While its great fun, the mode is a little bit hard to get into at first, as there would be too many options already unlocked. If you are new, the Career mode is a better choice. The last mode is Science, which is a hybrid of the aforementioned two modes, with the crafting freedom of Sandbox fused with the Career’s progression system.

5 – Roblox

Picture 10741
Roblox is filled with kid-friendly colorful assets and characters

While Roblox is rather dated and its blocky graphics and character models might not be the favorite of anyone, it is still a very amusing sandbox experience. Aimed at young players, Roblox enables people to create their own unique worlds, explore them and share them with other players. You can either access premade worlds in-game for free or make your own using Roblox Studio, a world editor that comes with the game. Using the tool is very easy – it is more Mario Maker than Minecraft, as you can still create without any prior experience in coding. If you are in need of support, there are various tutorials available on either the wiki or YouTube. You can play Roblox for free.

6 – Trove

Trove is more of an RPG than the usual sandbox games

Trove is an MMO sandbox, which also based on a blocky world. In this game, players would get the opportunity to explore an unlimited number of worlds and shape them into whatever they desire. There is a robust RPG system, with character classes, equipment, explore quests, loot, crafting… and more. The best part of Trove is that you can take your whole house with you wherever you go – then summon it right out wherever. While the game is free, there is a decent amount of paid content, mostly related to cosmetics. If you are bored with the RPG part, Trove also features two more game modes: battle royale and bomber royale.

7 – Besiege

A special variant of Sandbox in which you have to defend your base with various contraptions

Besiege is a sandbox with a little twist: it is physics-based. This is a sandbox base defense, in which you would have to build various contraption to protect yourself and the base from hordes of invading hostiles. You will need to get familiar with the physics engine of the game so that you could deal with multiple levels of structure and enemies. The game is not just the usual sandbox – it requires a degree of calculations: easy to play, but hard to master.

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