In E3, there was an announcement about the HD remake of the cult classic RPG, Trials of Mana, with a “coming soon” release date. The dev hasn’t disclosed any further information about the title, until now. Square Enix has finally announced the date that the remake would be out for PC, Switch and PS4 – April 24, 2020.

Due to its nature of being a total remake, the new game definitely will have something for both types of players, newbies, and old-timers. The HD version of Trial of Mana would have a remade combat, and various quality of life updates, such as the ability to change your character class at will, voice acting, different dialogue between characters, higher-quality soundtrack, and so forth.

H2x1 Nswitch Trialsofmana Image1600w
The main cast in Trials of Mana

However, the game will keep its original parts from SNES, especially the story and characters. Similar to what happened before, in the remake, the player will be able to choose an MC and 2 more support in the cast of six different characters, all with their own unique trait and storyline. All of those will be weaved into the story, as it changes based on whichever combinations of characters that the players choose.

Trials Of Mana Treehouse 06 12 19 Charas 002
The character selection - in which you would pick your main and two companions

The game was known as Seiken Densetsu 3 when it was first released in the East, it tells the tale of a world ravaged by the eight great monsters. The player characters embark on a mission to stop all the beast and preventing them from escape. What makes Trials of Mana special is its “light/dark” system, which changes the character and grants them unique traits, ability, and appearances, based on the level they choose.

Launching abilities to eliminate your foes

This original version is already available on the Switch, as part of the triple set Collections of Mana released back in June. For those who are interested in playing the remake, these games should be a great way to pass the time until then

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