Risk of Rain 2 has been receiving feedbacks through Steam Early Access since March. At first, the developer Hopoo Games has announced that this game will come to consoles, but I really don't expect it to be that soon.

Nevertheless, we can now play this super interesting roguelike game on PS4, Xbox One and Switch now. Here's the trailer of the game for Switch, which you should look at before purchasing:

About Risk of Rain 2

The first Risk of Rain title dates back in 2013, which is a quirky 2D action platformer. The game has received a lot of positive reviews from the community, and the situation is even better in Risk of Rain 2. To be more specific, it adds a whole new dimension to this journey, making it a beautiful 3D multiplayer platformer.

Risk Of Rain 2 Suddenly Jumped On Switch Ps4 And X
Risk of Rain 2 is delivering the whole experience in gorgeous 3D visuals

This change immediately boosts the overall reviews on Steam to "Overwhelmingly Positive". Therefore, I can understand that the developer is rushing to release it on consoles. There's nothing much to say about its story. But if you need a clear aim, Risk of Rain 2 takes place on an exotic planet, and you'll have to fight against the creatures living there to find a way out.

Risk Of Rain 2 Suddenly Jumped On Switch Ps4 And X
Fight hordes of monsters to get out of this planet

Instead, this game focuses more on the multiplayer roguelike action gameplay, in which you can go solo or co-op with friends to unravel this planet. Risk of Rain 2 supports up to four players co-op to fight packs of monsters, collect more roots and become stronger. The developer has stated that there's no limit of how much stronger can you get in this game. Hence, you can become the most mighty one on this planet, to the point that you can slay the once-a-boss as a normal monster.

Risk Of Rain 2 Suddenly Jumped On Switch Ps4 And X
You can get infinitely stronger as you spend time in this world

The graphics and scaling mechanics are not the only thing new in this game. In fact, Risk of Rain 2 also welcomes new characters to join the planet. They include the Artificer and MUL-T, and all the survivors from the first title - the Engineer, Commando, and Huntress also show up, too.

The Consoles port is actually ... more expensive?

Risk of Rain 2 for PS4, Xbox One and Switch will cost you $30, $10 higher than the PC Early Access version on Steam. That's ridiculous since the consoles ports will follow the matching developing roadmap as the PC version.

Maybe the efforts to bring this game to consoles did cost the developer some bucks, so they need to get it back somehow. However, I still don't agree with this pricing strategy from Gearbox Publishing at all.

Risk Of Rain 2 Suddenly Jumped On Switch Ps4 And X
I can't figure out why the developer deployed such ridiculous pricing strategy

Players seek to try this game can download it on Steam Early Access at this moment. The consoles version is also available for purchase now, but I highly recommend leaving it there until there's a change in the price.