The developer Dontnod has officially confirmed that they are going to push back the release date of Twin Mirror, a psychedelic adventure game. According to the note a developer posted on their Facebook page, Twin Mirror will be released sometime in 2020 for multiple platforms such as PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Also, the PC version of the game will be available on the Epic Games Store exclusively for the first year.

While Dontnod is just a small studio, they have made some pretty amazing games. For example, their game Life is Strange was a massive hit in 2015 with a perfect combination of deep narrative, exciting gameplay mechanic and relatable characters. Their following game Varmpyr didn't gain the same level of success, but it was still a great game. Maybe it was because the game was focusing too much on the action aspect, instead of doing what they have been known for.

Life is Strange was a big hit

Twin Mirror Official Gameplay Trailer Ps4 Xbox1 Pc
Sam has the ability to access to the inside of his mind

This time, Dontnod is going to fix it and returns to their good old way of making games with great writing and narration with Twin Mirror.

Twin Mirror Official Gameplay Trailer Ps4 Xbox1 Pc
The developer was first promised that the game will be released in 2019

Twin Mirror tells a story about Sam, an investigative journalist who returns to his home town. At first, Sam was just wanted to attend his best friend's funeral, then something unexpected happened. He spends the next day to solve all mystery with his second personality called Double who give him advice and the ability to create a visual space in his mind to search and analyze information in order to solve problems. By collecting small pieces of clues inside his mind, Sam will be able to reveal the truth little by little. If you are into games with an engaging, complex story with an attractive narrative then be sure to keep an eye on this one.