Of all choices of brains to go into, my least favourite choice would be of Doctor Loboto. That is also where the story in Psychonauts 2 starts.

So this sequel starts with the mind-heist (like in the Inception movie) takes place in the brain of dentist Loboto. Raz and his fellows from the last game trying to find out who has hired the dentist to kidnap Psychonauts's Grand Head and father of Lili - Truman.

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This sequel starts with the mind-heist takes place in the brain of dentist Loboto.

The trailer

I was not able to try out the game yet, however, you can see some of the in-game footage in the video below. It was the 1st level of the game. In fact, Double Fine just released it at E3 a few days ago.

The original Psychonauts

Maybe you need a refresher on the story of  Psychonauts? I know it hard to believe but the original game actually launched 15 years ago.

In the original game from Double Fine and Tim Schafer Productions, you took on the role of Raz. He is a kid who has psychic powers which he uses to enter other characters' minds. Each mind will form a different 3D world. The original game ended with the kidnapping of Truman, so the sequel picks up from that too.

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As you see, the mind of Loboto is a chaoslike world with tongues, gums, and teeth. It is also full of enemies that are coming at you.

Raz has some special powers to navigate and combat inside the minds of people. He could do wall-climb and double jump. He has also abilities such as pyrokinesis to burn the enemies, telekinesis to throw objects, together with psychic ball and blasts.

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After arriving at the tower, we also got a glimpse of the mastermind.

The developer is planning to roll out Psychonauts 2 something later 2019.