Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment is teaming up to make a new sci-fi Role-Playing Game. This new game - The Outer Worlds - is a single-player game with the first-person view.

According to the game’s description on Steam, the game takes place where you are lost in transit while you are on a colonist ship. This ship is apparently heading to the furthest edge of the galaxy. That leaves you waking up tens of years later only to learn that you are stuck with a deep conspiracy.

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You are stuck some where near the edge of the galaxy in The Outer World

The scariest part is that conspiracy is threatening to sabotage the whole Halcyon colony. You will step into a mysterious adventure where you explore the furthest reaches of space. Along the way you will have to encounter various factions, all craving for power. This player-driven story will unfold depending on how you want your character to become. You are now the unplanned variable when it comes to the corporate equation for the Halcyon colony.

Outer Worlds
The game's ending is based on how you play

During the E3 2019, IGN have interviewed Outer Worlds’ Senior Narrative Designer - Megan Starks. Starks has officially confirmed that "there are many different endings" depending solely on the way you play. However, the exact number of possible endings that the game has will remain unveiled till the game is officially available.

The core feature of The Outer Worlds is that players are free to play the game exactly how you want to. You can choose to threaten the quest givers or even pick locks rather than head straight for the door. This means that you'll need to go through this extreme capitalist dystopia several times before you can see all the core story lines the game has to offer. The game will become available starting from the 25th of October. You can get The Outer Worlds for PC, PS4 and Xbox.