An Incognito Gift

It’s not every ordinary days that you suddenly found yourself on the receiving end of $73,000 with no frills attached. And if it sounds a little bit too good to be true. That was the fortunate reality of Sick_Nerd - a Twitch streamer - who received a $73,000 donation to his channel on January 11th.


While massive donations that could make you salivate and your wallet quivers with wants had been relatively common. Sick_Nerd’s case was special, as the donation was deposited in the form of cryptocurrency. BitCoin, to be specific. Granted that there have been donations made by cryptos in the past, there has never been such a large calibre case before.

Brief About Cryptos

If you’re not particularly up to date with recent tech developments. Cryptocurrencies - or cryptos - are virtual currencies made and regulated by the Internet. Completely independent from national banks and governments. They can be traded, bought, and sold as if they’re real money. New cryptos are introduced into the management system - called a ‘Ledger’ - by encryption. Thus, what you eventually have is an independent currency that’s completely free from any regulations. And since every transactions are encrypted, furthermore without the controls of banks or governments. Cryptos are completely anonymous, making it a beloved method of transactions for many kinds of things on the Internet.

Yes, including the illicit kind. But we're not talking about that today.

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Internet vendors had taken advantage of the system and accepted cryptos for several years. Recently, many streamers also accepted donations in the form of cryptos, as well. This here is the case for Sick_Nerd.

Obvious Disbelief

While doing his routine streams playing Runescape, he suddenly received a massive donation of $12,000 by BitCoin. The recorded expressions on camera, once he received the news was, obviously, one of shock.

“Is that real? Nah, that can’t be real.” Sick_Nerd uttered disbelievingly at the number.

That wasn’t the only round of huge donation he received that day. In a couple of minutes, 20 BitCoin - at the present exchange rate, worth $70,767 - was deposited.

“Is this an elaborate meme?” He said, still not believing that anyone could spend so generously.

Like I said, this is not the first case. Sick_Nerd was one out of many who had had the fortitude of being on the receiving end of extremely generous benefactors. In January 10, just the day before, Exotic Chaotic - another streamer - received $75,000 donation from KingMascot. A professional Fortnite player.

Donating Joy

It is a common misconception that Twitch streamers get the majority of their income out of donations alone. While, yes, indeed, donations make up a substantial portion of their final income statement. Most streamers rely on subscriptions and ad revenues to keep their channels going and incentivise them into making new contents every day. Needless to say, such massive donations usually caught them by surprise and there are numerous videos on the Internet showing overjoyed expressions when a huge sum is donated.

In response to the incognito generosity, Sick_Nerd had made a tweet on the matter. Saying: “Thank you, whoever you are. Genuinely a life changing amount of money that I or nobody deserves but look what happened. Crazy.”

Crazy, indeed.

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