The original Unity of Command game came out in 2012. As 2x2 Games attempted to improve its well-regarded title, Unity of Command 2 is coming out soon to satisfy all the fans out there. The beta testing phase is starting within a few days, and you can totally be a part of it.

Unity of Command 2
Unity of Command 2 - by 2x2 Games & Croteam.

Beta & release date

According to sources, October 21st will mark the first day of the beta while the official game hits the market in November. At the moment, the devs are recruiting testers to test the game out and provide them with useful feedback and reviews.

Unity of Command 2
2x2 Games are recruiting beta testers for their upcoming November release.

Unity of Command 2 retains many features from the prequel and delivers a much more fluid gameplay. In the game, you will be in charge of Western Allies during WW2 time.

To prepare for the war, you need to manage the entire army, supplies, and logistics. Also, Fog of War will arrive at the Unity of Command franchise for the first time. You’ll need to capture enemy soldiers for information on troop positions of the enemies.

Key Features

Dynamic Campaigns let you relive the history of World War 2 as campaigns have a branching storyline. Headquarters put army headquarters on the map. Here, you can direct units, deploy special abilities to thrive in the war.

Theater Assets is back! The devs expanded this feature from the prequel and made it even better. With it, you can sabotage the enemy’s infrastructure, order aerial recon from aircraft as well as deliver bombing runs.

Unity of Command 2
Unity of Command 2 relives World War 2 in a unique and creative way.

Fog of War - As we’ve mentioned above, you’ll need to find enemies before you can deal with them, right? Try capturing stragglers and make them reveal base positions. At the same time, don’t forget to upgrade your own HQ and uncover crucial defense markers from the enemies with your special abilities.

Deep Operations - Turn-based strategy titles hit the next level with a brand-new feature: supply lines. While taking care of your logistics, plan deadly airstrikes to overwhelm your foes.

Unity of Command 2
Unity of Command 2 brings about tons of new features and strategies to the table.

Unity of Command 2 looks awesome and seems like a great sequel to the first one. If you’re into the beta, sign up right now for a chance to test it out before anyone else. For now, let’s wait for an official announcement of its release sometime this November.