On Oct 15th, ahead of the debut at the EGX event this week at  Excel in London, Big Sugar, and 2 Ton Studios has shared a new trailer for their upcoming title Unto The End. In general, it is an adventure-combat title that is heading to consoles and PC next year. It will also be in the Game Pass day one package for the Xbox One.

Here we have the recently released trailer:

Try it at this week EGX

Unto The End Got New Screenshots And Trailer Ahead
Go and try the game this week at EGX!

If you are heading to EGX at Excel on the weekend, then you could try the title out by yourself. This appearance of the title at EGX will be the 1st time it has been playable. Plus, the wife and husband team from 2 Ton Studio,  Sara Kitamura and  Stephen Danton will also be at the stand to talk about their game.

About Unto The End

Unto The End Got New Screenshots And Trailer Ahead
It is a gorgeous, challenging combat-adventure title.

The game is a handcrafted, challenging combat-adventure title. You will play as an outmatched and alone father who is determined to set out to get back his loved ones. With a dagger, a sword, and his fantastic wits, you have to outsmart and outfight all those horrible creatures along your journey to unfamiliar lands. Every step will bring you closer to your family but also to untold dangers.

Some key features of the title:

Unto The End Got New Screenshots And Trailer Ahead
It won't be easy. You have been warned!

The game features a combat mechanic of read-&-react. It is a unique system with a huge focus on mastery and skill. The developers have designed this mechanic from scratch for 2D gameplay. Remember to strike tactically and fight intelligently with your weapons in group and 1-vs-one battles.

There will be a lot of handcrafted encounters in this title. Your adventure will slowly unfold through all those crafted encounters. Each of them features worthy, intelligent opponents that have their own motivation and story.

Unto The End focuses on your skill. It has a very challenging mode of single-players with only a minimal amount of guidance.

Unto The End will come to all major console platforms as well as PC via Steam in 2020.