Touhou fan games are booming on Steam. The game franchise is pretty notorious for its large female character cast and uplifting soundtracks. Though in the main series, most games are bullet hell shooter and fighting games, various Touhou games by other indie game developers offer more genres.

Gensokyo Night Festival 09
Touhou indie games are often well polished with cute graphics and characters

The latest Touhou game to come to Steam this October is Gensokyo Night Festival. The game is a 2D action platformer game with a Metroidvania-ish style. The game sets in the world of Touhou Project, Gensokyo land - the land of mysterious creatures and youkai.

The game came to Steam Store earlier in July with an unclear schedule. However, the game hit Early Access just yesterday on October 14 with more things to come. You can now purchase Gensokyo Night Festival at a 15% discount for $11.69 (₹834) instead of the normal $12.99 (₹927). However, the offer is only valid until October 20.

Currently, the game is in Early Access and only features the first stage of the game. The full version will come later this Spring 2020 with a total of 6 stages.

Gensokyo Night Festival

Suika Ibuki is the protagonist of the game. The ever-drunk little oni girl doesn’t seem to content with just the festival at the Hakurei Shrine and wants to have more fun. This can only spell trouble.

Gensokyo Night Festival 04
Our little oni wants more fun

Throughout the game, you will play as Suika Ibuki – a little oni with great power at hand – while traversing the land of Gensokyo. Should you bump into anyone, just beat them up with flashy moves and combo attacks.

Gensokyo Night Festival 05
You can use Warp Shots to move quickly from one place to another

You can also utilize various gimmicks like Warp Shots and Controlling Density

Gensokyo Night Festival 06
Our Suika Ibuki can also control the density of the environment

Gensokyo Night Festival also features a large cast of characters, promising great content to play with.

Gensokyo Night Festival 03
With a large cast of character, how many of these will we see in Gensokyo Night Festival?

Currently, however, the game in early access only supports the first stage of the game. You will have a bit of fighting with the girl of darkness - Rumia.

Gensokyo Night Festival 08
A battle of the same size and strength, will you pass the first test?

Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a longer time to see the full content of Gensokyo Night Festival. However, you can still try the first stage of the game on Steam and appreciate the hard work of the developers.