Being one favorite character in the Touhou Project, Koishi Komeiji is well-known for her shut-in behavior and her ability to use her third eye. Her 3rd eye can read deep into people’s subconsciousness and perceive reality in a way unlike any other. Also, due to her ability, she often avoids people and spends her time locked up in her room. Even if she comes into contact with anyone, she often uses her eye to conceal her presence.

Koishi 3rd Eye 01
Koishi Komeiji in Touhou Project is portrayed as a carefree character with enormous power

A horror game

In the latest announced Touhou fanmade horror game – 3rd Eye, Koishi plays the role of a childish girl who spends time obediently in her room. One night, however, Koishi wakes up in an unfamiliar room, and her life is changed forever.

Koishi is portrayed with oversized head and body while her feet and hands are tiny. The art style of the game seems eerily weird with distorted proportion and staples everywhere. Other characters are also drawn in the same style.

Koishi 3rd Eye 03
However, Koishi Komeiji is portrayed fluffy with many staples in 3rd Eye, resembling a doll

3rd Eye sets in a 2D world where you can explore freely. Along the way, you have to use your 3rd eye ability to trace for hidden objects in the metal world. Beware! The more you use it, the more bloodshot her Third Eye becomes. Relieve it using eyedrops before the Eye goes all red.

Koishi 3rd Eye 04
The game sets in a normal environment with naked eyes, but completely flips when perceived through the 3rd eye

The game will come out this September 30 and has yet to announce more of the gameplay. However, the game will be listed in the puzzle and horror genre where you interact with objects to solve mysteries.

Koishi 3rd Eye 05
Not everything seen through the 3rd Eye is beautiful

The game stars some more iconic Touhou characters like Koishi's sister - Satori Komeiji, the rainbow-winged vampire - Flandre Scarlet, the airheaded fairy - Cirno and more. If you are a fan of Touhou Project series, this is definitely a good game to pick up when it comes out. 3rd Eye will go live on Steam on September 30. Be sure to check out for updates on the game.