A shooter game

Touhou has one of the largest international fanbases among the titles coming from Japan. The game itself started out like a bullet hell 2D shooter game. The game is infamous for its ridiculous difficulty and soundtracks. Moreover, with a large cast of female characters, the game quickly gained attention from domestic as well as international fans.

The original game itself is not actually good with graphics. Quite the contrary, the game is made by one single man with sketchy characters. It is the fanbase that made the game impressive with multiple fanmade games and soundtrack adaptions.

A surge to the Steam market

Recently, there have been a lot of Touhou games out on Steam. Some main game titles are available in Japanese only. However, most fangames are in English, which is more approachable for international fans.

Baka Game Magazine is one indie game developer that made a great success out of a fangame of Touhou. Their former title, Touhou Luna Nights, has reached 100k downloads on Steam. With just $9, you can enjoy an interesting platform game with some unique features.

On May 25, Baka Game Magazine announced another project with Touhou series. The new game would still be a platformer and be named Gensokyo Night Festival.

This time, you will play as the carefree oni girl, Suika Ibuki. She is infamous for the havoc she wrecked upon everything. Oni likes to drink and smash things, isn’t them what we as players like to do?

The game looks promising with many flashy moves and cute characters

The game is currently unavailable. However, you can find it on Steam with more details to come. Stay tuned for more updates on the game.