If you are a fan of Godzilla, Ultraman, and Pacific Rim, you wouldn't want to miss this fun-looking new brawler GigaBash. It is a kaiju title, from the new Malaysia-based indie studio Passion Republic Games.

GigaBash is an arena brawler. Into the game, you will be playing as a colorful and weirdly cute fighter and battle against a series of giant monsters and heroes in cool armor suits. Battles will occur in various cities and strange places over the world.

Gigabash 1
GigaBash is an action game from the indie studio Passion Republic Games.

The game will be available with two options, allowing you to experience the game alone, rampaging through the environment, or play together with other people. You can prove yourself as the King of the Monsters like the 1990s' classic Neo Geo games.

You can battle monsters by doing violent melee actions or using the local architecture as your weapon. By any means, GigaBash is likely to be a carnage-filled title. So far, GigaBash is still being developed and the developer hasn't revealed the platforms that they will launch the game on.

Gigabash 2
Players can choose to experience the game alone or with other people.

In the game, unique giants will be controlled by four players. These massive creatures have caused chaos all around the world in the past and were defeated years ago by heroes. They have now awakened again by a mysterious force and are ready to bring terror to the world.

Passion Republic Games schedules to launch the game at the end of 2020.

Gigabash 3
The game comes with the appearance of giant monsters

Let's check the official game teaser right now!

Main features of GigaBash:

  • Become S-Class: When you fight in the game, you can get Giga points. With points enough, you can grow into a towering S-Class monster.

  • Use everything to destroy all: You can destroy and use everything in the arena since it is your playground such as tossing buildings into other monsters.

  • Couch play: You can play together with three other friends, battling monsters on a single screen.