While Epic Games Store users often eagerly wait for Friday to gets new free games, Steam fans always look forward to weekends to play some great games for free. This week sees a lot of first-person shooters, including the epic Battlefield V.

However, if you've been playing Battlefield V for a while and seeking a new experience, Steam is inviting you to get to the frontline in Hell Let Loose - game WWII-themed FPS. This title will give you the chance to play WWII "the way it was meant to be played".

Before diving into the details, let's see this beautiful trailer first to bring the hype up:

About Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a multiplayer FPS from the developer Black Matter and the publisher Team17. In this game, you are only one in a hundred of players in a match and will have to do the best out of your role in the epic 50vs50 battles.

To be more specific, in the beginning, you can choose your roles from 14 playable types, such as Officer, Medic, Tank Commander, Scout or Machine Gunner. Each role has its equipment and armor types, which you will have to make use of the bring the advantages for your team.

Hell Let Loose A Wwii Themed Shooter Is Free To Pl
You can play as a Scout, Tank, Medic and many other roles in this game!

Hell Let Loose is not about KDA or unlocks - it's about winning, and teamwork is an irreplacable factor. The Officer will be the leader, giving strategic orders to his troops, and players will have to work in tandem while keep communicating with each other for harmonizing sieges.

Hell Let Loose A Wwii Themed Shooter Is Free To Pl
Play as a team

And as I've mentioned, this game will let you play World War II in the most realistic way. Diving in the real-scale battlefields with unique uniforms, players will not only have to shoot your opponents down but also have to run them down with deadly tanks. The vehicles, weapons, and battle locations in this game are based on real historical events, which were portrayed through satellite imagery.

Hell Let Loose A Wwii Themed Shooter Is Free To Pl
With Unreal Engine 4, it's visuals quality is very promising.

Last but not least, your objectives are not only wiping your enemies but also defending your position as well. In order to do that, you'll have to set up and fortify your location, using heavy-weapons such as huge anti-tank guns and artillery.

Hell Let Loose A Wwii Themed Shooter Is Free To Pl
Defend your lines with heavy weapons

The attacking and defending blends perfectly together in Hell Let Loose, making it the most realistic WWII game ever.

Free-to-play this weekend

Hell Let Loose is free-to-play right this moment on Steam, and it will stay free until October 14th. If you're really interested in the epic World War II's battles in this game, you can purchase the full game with a 20% discount.

Hell Let Loose A Wwii Themed Shooter Is Free To Pl
Hell Let Loose is free to play on Steam this weekend

The discount cuts the game's price from $29.99 to only $23.99, saving you the whole fortune of $6 for other new games in the future. This promotion will end on October 18, and all of your previous achievements in the free-weekends will be brought to the full game at your purchase.