While continuing social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the US Army has applied a new method to train soldiers: playing video games. Accordingly, they are required to play online games to improve their experiences with tanks or other weapons as real training is still not feasible.

Us Army Airplane
US soldiers take part in the online training courses by playing video games.

That’s what tankers of D Troop, 6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Calvalry Disivion have done. Through some online games, they hope to enhance their skills to control vehicles, as well as operate real procedures.

Due to the social distancing order, tankers can’t now drive real tanks in training sessions. Online games, therefore, have become a lifesaver that helps them to practice and improve their fighting skills.

According to Staff Sgt. Tommy Huynh,

“We are able use the game as a teaching tool for each crew member. For example, drivers can train on maneuver formations and change formation drills. Of course online games have their limitations, but for young Soldiers it helps them to just understand the basics of their job.”

War Thunder is involved. This multiplatform online game gets inspired by World War II and is published by Gaijin Entertainment.

Us Army Game Online
Soldiers still join in many missions such as controlling infantry wagons in a virtual fighting environment.

In War Thunder, players need to do a series of missions including controlling tanks, infantry wagons, and even airplanes in a virtual fighting environment. Soldiers have to give support to their fellow men via a free gaming voice app.

After these online training courses, soldiers will get the appropriate evaluation and suggestions on how to improve their own disadvantages.

The Coronavirus has impacted the whole world in many various ways. And the US Army can’t definitely avoid the pandemic. Until now, there have reportedly been about 4.9 thousand cases and 02 deaths.

The Coronavirus infection in the army forces shows lots of dangers because it definitely prevents units from taking part in battles. That’s why many units in the US army has had to reduce the number of soldiers, as well as to adjust their training schedules in a bid to protect their forces.