The world’s fastest man has clearly shown that he is a fan of the famous Battle Royale game - Fortnite after celebrating in his first ever goal in a professional football match. Usain Bolt has taken 11 world champions during his career and currently holds the world record for both the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints.

The Jamaican runner has shown his interest in football for a while and in the past, he has also been in contact with some notable clubs like Manchester United.

Usain Bolt wants to play for Manchester United one day
Usain Bolt was honored by Manchester United n reference to his gold medal championship (9.63 seconds) in the 100 meters

Currently playing for an Australian professional soccer called Central Coast Mariners, Usain Bolt scored twice against Macarthur South West United. While his first goal of Bolt was more impressive to watch than the second ones, the celebrating dance for his second goal would get smiles from worldwide Fortnite fans.

You can check out his first impressive goal in the below video:

Fortnite has spread its popularity to where other games have never reached before. It has brought gaming or Fortnight in particular into a more mainstream role with the Fortnite dances and others which are being featured worldwide by a lot of celebrities and in many sports as well.

Ninja and Ellen was playing Fortnite on his appearance on the Ellen show

Famous Fortnite streamer with 11 million twitch followers - Ninja recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the young streamer played and talked with Ellen - one of the most popular talk show hosts. As Fortnite keeps breaking many records worldwide, we can expect more from high profile celebrities and figures to spread its popularity even wider.