The deadliest prey in the wood is actually not bear, boar or even snakes. Lurking in the leaves, the wrong fungus can lure you in and kill you… painfully. In this game, you would roam around the virtual jungle to hunt down mushrooms, look at animals, shoot photographs, and maybe come home with a tasty dinner.

Find morel mushrooms while taking pictures of nature - while enjoying the forest surrounding you. Starting in the southeast zone of the US, you will get 100 days each season as you unlock new lands along your journey. Enjoy a new vision for each season you play, as the locations for mushrooms hunting would change, along with the weather, animal activities and more.

Wandering inside the wood to hunt for the elusive Morel Mushrooms

The realistic weather system would change every day, making listening to weather reports crucial. Night hunts would be made available as long as you have acquired the tools. Explore all seven regions in the US with unique terrains and elements. Earn points by locate mushrooms and taking pictures of wildlife to get more upgrades from the shop. You can upgrade a lot of things, like bug spray to prevent ticks, raincoats for rainy days, first aid kits, a headlamp for night hunting, upgraded camera and even a small bike.

Maxresdefault 3
Built on Unreal Engine, the game looks gorgeous

Furthermore, you would be able to unlock Exploration Mode after completing your first part. In this mode, you would be able to play as an animal, with a point handicap and all regions unlocked on day 1. Have fun exploring and unlock new animals in this mode, as the results would not count towards achievements or records.

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Taking pictures of natural wonders in regions of America

Finally, you can customize the music in-game by either picking tracks from a custom list or just enjoy the natural sound effects.

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