Earlier introduced in E3, Waking has won many players' hearts with its glamorous gameplay and dream-like graphics. However, the indie developer Jason Oda needs more time to finish his masterpiece.

Hence, we are very likely to wait later this year to get its official release. Not wanting the hype to go down, the developer decided to give us a brief hands-on of Waking with a free demo.

Let's watch the trailer while waiting for the download process to complete:

About Waking

You wonder in which state a person will be if they somehow stuck in a coma? Waking will give you a brief look into that scenario.

Waking tells the story of a man lies in a coma. He is stuck in his own mind and yet can't get out of this state. In order to come back to real life, the man will need to dig down deep into his mind, taking a journey of his own childhood memories and feeling.

Waking Free Demo 3
Will he give up and blend in the darkness forever?

The deeper he goes, the more he'll find out about the real reasons why he got stuck in this unconscious state. Getting back to the past is not always a favorable experience, but it's mandatory for him to retrieve back his memories with the people he loves!

Waking Free Demo 4
Love is the only force strong enough to wake him up from this coma.

The story of Waking is already very promising, and its gameplay works with this concept perfectly. Deep down in the mind of a person are not always delightful memories. There are also numerous dark sides that turn into fierce monsters. And as they're your worst fears, those monsters are not easy to deal at all.

Waking Free Demo 5
Do you fear a horse?

Waking features Souls-like gameplay, where you'll have to take on tough bosses with precise skills. Learning their mechanics, dodging their attacks and strike at the suitable time is the key to overcome those monsters.

Waking Free Demo 1
Learn their mechanics and use your power to get over them

In this subconscious world, you'll mostly rely on your telekinetic attacks. After all, you can still control something in your mind, don't you? Combining it properly with melee attacks, you can parry and take down your enemies without struggling too much.

Catch a free demo on Steam now

Waking hasn't had its official release yet. However, the developer has put a giant 'Summer' text on the release date on Steam, so we can expect the game to comes in a couple few months.

Waking Free Demo 2
This gorgeous game will come out at some times in Summer

And as I've said, there's a free demo that'll give you a walk-through of parts of this personal journey into your soul. And since you have nothing to do while waiting, why don't give it a try!