For those who attend the BlizzCon 2018 event, they have the chance to try out the remake version of Warcraft 3, which is Warcraft 3: Reforged. This version is Blizzard's attempt to make changes to an old game, that was beloved by so many gamers. Those changes not only in graphics and sound but also in maps layouts and gameplay.

According to the players who try out the Demo at BlizzCon, Warcraft 3: Reforged is the definite version of Warcraft 3, the version where everything is better. The game will feature both the original Reign of Chaos and the Frozen Throne expansion. The BlizzCon 2018 Demo features the game's most famous mission: The Culling. This is from the 6th chapter of Warcraft 3, also the start of Prince Arthas' descend into darkness.

The objective of the mission is killing 100 infected before Dreadlord Mal'Ganis.

So why Blizzard chose to feature this mission in the Demo? Because it's a memorable mission to so many people?

Indeed, that is the reason. Due to the fact that "The Culling" is so memorable, all players who sat down at the Demo booth instantly realized: the mission has been modified. Heavily.

The Culling Og
Original "The Culling" Map Layout.

The original map required players come in from the upper right to invade the city. Meanwhile, in Warcraft 3: Reforged, we will have to enter the map from the bottom area. This progression method is familiar to a WoW Dungeon and gives players more comfortable feeling.

According to Blizzard, so many maps have been reworked, not just "The Culling".

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Even with all those drastic changes, Reforged still feels like the Warcraft 3 you loved. Gameplay and hotkey wise, they are still the same, give us a "very Warcraft 3" feeling. This Demo version even feels like a complete game, not of a game currently in development.

As many people agreed upon trying the Demo, the game still gives us a familiar feeling, yet bring so much more emotions. That might be due to the upgraded graphics, making all characters faces become more emotional. That's the reason why Reforged will be the best Warcraft 3 version when the tech is powerful enough to make all those impossible ideas of the past become a reality.