Koei Tecmo is trying to be mystifying with its new game by releasing a video with a strange title: "Wield the Power of the Gods Once More". However, Amazon Japan doesn't like this idea.

Thus, it has taken the first step to reveal Koei Tecmo's mysterious title, and it's Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. The listing of the game was brought down later, but that can't escape the sharping eyes of fans.

Nevertheless, here's the teasing video from Koei Tecmo:

What's new in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate?

The description in the clip above said that further information about this title will come on August 30. However, people have already known what it's about two day sooner due to Amazon Japan.

Regardless, that's not very important. We can already tell from the clip the appearance of the characters from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, so that's very likely to be another Warriors Orochi title. I just don't expect that it's going to be Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate!

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Leaked Coming To Pc In
The images from the clip contain characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors

In fact, I am quite disappointed with this release. The original Warriors Orochi 4 games is already receiving a lot of new contents through DLCs, so it's very weird to release an Ultimate version at this time. The first time I see the clip, I desperately hope that it's going to be a completely new game that relates to the Orochi arcs. But at least for now, it has become void.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Leaked Coming To Pc In
Warriors Orochi 4 has received a lot of new contents through DLCs, including the mounts

Nevertheless, people have caught some information on what's new in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. Even though Amazon Japan is quick with its delisting, players still learn from its description that this game is going to have at least two new characters. The first one is a complete newcomer - Gaia. The second one is the comeback of Joan of Arc - a playable character back in Warriors Orochi 3.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Leaked Coming To Pc In
Joan of Arc is back in this Ultimate remake!

The description also unveiled that this Ultimate revamp will have a new story with new side scenarios. Furthermore, there will also be some new play modes with new actions as well.

At least I'm happy that the Koei Tecmo and Omega Force is going to bring a lot of new features to this game.

Release date and supported platform

According to the leak, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is going to come out for PS4 in December in Japan. However, considering the traditions of other original Warriors Orochi titles, this Ultimate version is going to be available for the world at the same time.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Leaked Coming To Pc In
Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is coming out this December

And similar to the release date, other platforms might receive the game, too. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC are very likely to be supported, we can't say anything about the launch date yet. Stadia support still remains intact.

Koei Tecmo has announced that they'll give us an official announcement on August 30. At that point, there will be very likely a teaser, as well some information on special features in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. We'll give you specific information as soon as the announcement comes out, so stay tuned!