Werckfest is a racing game developed by Bugbear Entertainment. After 5 years of early access, the game was supposed to be released last year for both PC and consoles. But, unfortunately, the console version was delayed. Console players have been waiting patiently for any sign of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release since then.

Wreckfest Wallpaper 5
This is not a race, this is a war

Today, I am bringing you guys the good news. BugBear Entertainment has just announced the release date for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Wreckfest. The date is August 27, 2019, as in their Twitter post.

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Wreckfest release date

Wreckfest is a demolition-derby themed racing game which set itself apart from other similar titles. As the title of the game implies, this physics-heavy racing is all about the crashes. The developer did a great job with all the details that make every crash as realistic as possible for maximum satisfaction. No game has been able to make breakneck racing and over-the-top crashes so much fun like this. There are no rules on the track, so don't expect anyone to spare you.

The level of detail is astounding so you can enjoy every crash in the game

The game is packed with many customization options and upgrades to reinforce your car and crush the opponents like side protectors, roll cages,...

Werckfest will have both standard and deluxe versions. The digital deluxe version will allow players to join the racing battle 24 hours earlier on August 26, 2019. For people who pre-order the game, both versions will give players the exclusive Bandit Ripper V8 racer.

You can purchase upgrades to make your car more durable

The deluxe versions, however, will have the Season Pass, which gives players access to 20 new cars, multiple roof decorations, and customizations.