Recently, PUBG Corporation has teased so many new changes in PUBG PC with Season 5. With PUBG Global Championship 2019 coming up this November, obviously, we should expect great new stuff from the game developer.

Pubg Season4 Ends 01
PUBG Global Championship 2019 is coming up this November

In Season 5 of PUBG PC, we will have vending machines, melee weapons throwing, items throwing. The changes have already been implemented in Test Server. Those who are interested to experience the changes or ride the Gold Mirado on Miramar can enter Test Server. However, when will we receive the update in the main game client?

Pubg Season4 Ends 02
You can even ride a Golden car on Miramar

Worry not, the changes will come soon enough. PUBG Corporation is allowing more time for their fans to collect their rewards in their Survival Pass as well as Survival Title System. Season 4 will conclude this 4 AM CT (GMT -4) – roughly at 02:30 IST (GMT +5:30).

Once the Season 4 concludes, the PUBG PC Season 5 will follow up the next day.

What to expect from Season 5 of PUBG?

Pubg Season4 Ends 03
Out of ammo? No problem. It's Dart time.

Well, there are a lot of changes coming with this Season 5 of PUBG PC. The patch comes with a brand new feature: throwing weapons. Your melee weapon can become a deadly flying bullet if you aim it right. You can now even share items with your friends by throwing it out of your inventory. Your buddy is out of ammo and you are not near? Worry not as you can toss a pack of ammo at the maximum range of 15m, right into your teammate's inventory.

One interesting feature is the vending machine where you can get a free supply of pain killer and energy drink.