As Valorant Episode 3, Act 1 is coming underway, the latest Agent to partake in the craze is KAY/O, the cold-blooded war weapon.

When not much has been revealed about this terminator or its role in general, what we know is he was created by german genius Killjoy. His scheme is to ruin radiants but it remains a myth whether he has gone full-blown Terminator and breached.

As we keep on learning more about the lore of the game, there’s a brand-new and small little easter egg that can hint us something about the connection of KAY/O and Brimstone – Valorant’s co-founder. Take a glance at where to find the KAY/O easter egg in Valorant.

The cold-blooded KAY/O in Valorant

Where to find KAY/O easter egg Valorant

As to what can be seen from KAY/O's trailer, Brimstone was training the jeopardy to terrorize the opponent Valorant forces. Being brought to life over and over again and learning from mistakes, the character is taking the responsibility of transforming KAY/O into a mass destruction weapon.

Hence, when a fan found out a fun easter egg while playing Brimstone and using the FIRE/ARM Classic skin of KAY/O, everything just suddenly fell into place.

The Normally Closed Gun Buddy Is Open For Brimston
Why is the normally closed gun buddy is open for Brimstone?

If you aspire to try this out, there are indeed a number of steps to get the easter egg of KAY/O in Valorant:

  1. Get to Tier 10 in the contract of KAY/O to unlock the FIRE/ARM Classic.
  2. Equip it through the Arsenal tab: Choose the Classic, then navigate the skins until you see it -> choose ‘equip.’
  3. Also, remember to quip the Memory Log player card as well as Memory Chip gun buddy. You can unlock them at Tier 9 and Tier 6 of KAY/O’s contract in order.
  4. Engage in a match and lock in Brimstone.
  5. As players pull Classic out, the Memory Chip buddy will be open instead of being closed.

Creator reveals Brimstone and KAY/O connection

What does it mean when the Memory chip buddy is open? Well, some valorant boosters, casual players, and pros have had many guesses. Brimstone is clearly the one that brought the terrifying mechanism into the fray. But what is the reason? And was it the righteous Brimstone or one from an alternate universe?

Kayo 2
Is there a connection between Brimstone and KAY/O?

Sean ‘oniram177’ Marino, the art lead, has replied to the players’ exploration that “all [of the easter eggs] that are active have been found.” But he also confirmed that in the future, “there will be” even more of these tiny gems coming in Valorant.

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