What’s new in the next version of Windjammers?

Publisher and developer Dotemu has given the fans an announcement trailer for Windjammers 2. This is such an exciting news for those who have been playing the first version. Especially, there are some new characters appear in this upcoming game. This trailer promises to give players the most enjoyable experiences in the game. 

Besides, one more good news for the fans is that the sequel would be hitting the Google Stadia platform. Previously, the developer only announced that the game will support PC and Nintendo Switch.

What are the upcoming characters?

The trailer has revealed 2 new characters that would appeal you. They are two contestants that will take part in the high-tech flying disc tournament

One that you would feel quite familiar with is Loris Biaggi. This Italian guy is a star who used to appear in the first Windjammers game in 1994. After nearly 25 years, he is now returning in such a more powerful version. 

The other is a brand new character in the game, named Brazilian Jao Raposa. His power would blow your mind as he will throw back the disc with such an insanely powerful kick. That is only just what we can see in the trailer. It means that lots of his power are behind the veil.

Windjammers 2 trailer
Further characters might come in the future

In addition, there are also some more interesting details about the game that have come from the firm recently. Windjammers 2 also offers lots of online multiplayer game mode. Players can gain a lot of rewards from the competitions in the game.

It is also awesome for you to stay at home to complete the ultimate challenges at home via your PC or even with your Switch while you’re away from home.

Windjammers 2 Tournament
Windjammers 2 Tournament

Windjammers 2 is planned to launch at some times in early 2020. It will support PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

Are you looking forward to enjoying the game?