I don’t really get it. However, there are numerous people that really enjoyed the games from the Battlefield franchise. This is still true even when the franchise was at its most pseudo-realistic and gritty. For these people, World War III, a new game that had just made an early access debut recently might just be what they need.


The game comes from the hands of the Necrovision studio The Farm 51. It has destructible maps such as Moscow, Berlin, and Warsaw; a realistic system of armors for both vehicles as well as infantry; customizable guns. All of those things give this game a unique edge.

This game looks like it will be built on top of the already-laid Battlefield 4 foundation. There will be long-sight lines, messy combats on vehicles, massive structures, and the chance for one single soldier hiding in the correct place to deal incredible damage to the enemy force. The currently on-the-market version has two modes -  Recon, a tactical combat in close range with small squads, and Warzone, a classic capturing – holding formula just like the classic Battlefield matches. There is also talks on a customization system independent of classes.

The game looks quite dusty

In my opinion, this game is too dusty and grey for my taste. Playing some rounds of Battlefield 5 during beta has made me a fan of the parseable conflicts in visual. Although it did come with the loss of authenticity. Still, I understand what they are targeting here. After all, the fact Battlefield 4 is still a relatively popular game has suggested that there is indeed an audience waiting there.

However, they will have to wait a little bit for the official final release. The developer has estimated that it needs at least another year to maybe 16 more months of development. There is still a lot of things to do.

World War 3 - Early Access Release Trailer!

The release available now has a basic set of vehicles and equipment along with three maps. The first testing rounds will be mainly on balance. However, there are lots of things still being developed like game modes, weapons, units, maps, and vehicles. The developer saying there are bonuses for advancing strategic levels is making me worry a little. However, it will impress me greatly if they can actually get it done without breaking the balance. You can get the early access on Steam for $28/€25/ £24.