After several teases and reveals, we finally have an official release date of Yaga. It will reach PC and Consoles on November 12, which means we will not have to wait much longer to follow the journey of the unlucky one-handed blacksmith.

In order to celebrate this event, the developer Breadcrumbs Interactive has given us a brand new trailer of the game. Alongside giving more gameplay footage, this trailer also unveiled some items that Ivan can forge to help him with his journey. You can see them below:

About Yaga

Yaga is a beat-em-up from the developer Breadcrumbs Interactive and the publisher Versus Evils. In this world inspired by Slavic folklore, you'll step into the shoes of a talented but unlucky blacksmith namely Ivan. He has to complete an impossible task from the Tzar, and everything will work against him in his journey.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Ivan has no choices but following the order of the Tzar

To be more specific, he only has one hand and must use his blacksmith talents to craft some equipment to help him on the way. Waiting for him are tons of powerful creatures in the wild, which are always ready to chew him up. If that's not terrible enough, he'll also have to resist the witch named Baba Yaga, who always tries to manipulate him.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
He needs help from the witch, but doesn't want to get manipulated by her!

Ivan can still try to handle that, but this one is nearly impossible. His grandmother is desperately waiting for him to bring home a wife, and if he can't, she would be very sad. What will Ivan's fate will lead him to? Let's find out for yourself at its launch!

Gameplay features

In our previous articles, we've explained the key gameplay features of Yaga for you. Basically, it's an RPG, in which you'll take control of Ivan wandering in the land to fulfill the Tzar's quest. Only having one hand is a huge disadvantage, and Ivan must make up for it by forging other powerful weapons.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Ivan has no chances against those huge hostile creatures without his equipment

Through the latest trailer, we can see how they're useful in certain cases. They include a Hookshot, a lightning hammer and a claw. They're only some of the equipment that Ivan can forge, as the game has a deep crafting system. In fact, there are more talisman magic items that Ivan can make use of on his journey, too.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Ivan can collect both blessings and curses on his journey, making it impossible to predict

Furthermore, the story of Yaga will be told through the casts of interesting characters. Don't underestimate this feature, as having conversations with the NPC and complete their quests will gain more reputation for Ivan, and will change the whole outcome of the story. Maybe if he gets more famous, he'll finally catch some girls on the way, right!

3515033 Yaga

Last but not least, Yaga has multiple endings, which will put you in different situations with your mission outcomes. Together with the procedurally-generated maps and hidden locations, Yaga will cost you several days to explore all of its good!

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Yaga has multiple endings depend on how you complete the missions

Pre-order available

Yaga is coming for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on November 12. For PC, it's only available on Epic Games Store.

Players interested in this game can pre-order it now with the reduced price of only $7.99. There are also several bundle, including the original soundtrack, which you can purchase separately.

Yaga Launches November New Boss Trailer 1
Pre-order now to get a 20% discount

At launch, its price will come back to $9.99 for the base game, so you'd better be quick!