I don't know what is more impossible for me - finding a wife or solving the curse. Nevertheless, we still have to help Ivan do both of them.

The publisher Versus Evil is adding one more title to its upcoming list, and it's Yaga! Here's the trailer about what the extremely unlucky blacksmith must do in this game. You can see it below:

He only has one hand but must complete two extremely tough missions!

Yaga tells the story of a one-handed blacksmith - Ivan. Life was very severe for him by throwing a lot of hardship on his face. Losing an arm is only the start, as Ivan has to follow the order of the Tzar on an impossible task.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
The Tzar gives Ivan a tough mission

Not stopping from that, Ivan also gets stuck between the watch of a mysterious witch who wants to manipulate him and the wish of his grandma - wanting him to find a wife!

Now, Yaga has to step in the Slavic folklore and the ancient Pagan beliefs to get his life together. Using his only hand and the extraordinary tools created by the talent of a blacksmith, he's only on his own.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Ivan will have to get out of this sticky situation all on his own

What will Ivan end up his journey with? His fate lies under your hands!

Key features

Yaga is a role-playing game from the developer Breadcrumbs Interactive. Taking the settings of Slavic mythologies, the visual style of Yaga contribute a lot for the darkly yet funny concept of the game.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Yaga features beautiful 2D hand-drawn graphics

You'll take control of Ivan, helping him fulfill the Tzar's quest, escape from the witch Baba Yaga, and get a wife to please his grandma. However, his journey will not be clear and simple. Only has one hand, Ivan has to create a lot of things to make up for his disadvantages.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Ivan needs to work hard to make up for his lost arm

Holding his powerful hammer on the left hands, Ivan invented himself a gauntlet for his right arm that can blow a deadly hook shot. With that equipment, he'll smash, bash and blow the ancient monsters scattering everywhere to clean his way.

And don't forget that Ivan is a genius blacksmith as well! Slaying monsters will give him material, allowing Ivan to forge more and more weapons. Through the trailer, we can see him use a lightning hammer to bash the enemies and even teleport to other locations. The more weapons you add to his arsenal, the easier Ivan can complete his impossible tasks!

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
And he'll need to find craft talismans to avoid the manipulation of the witch

During his journey, Ivan will have chances to meet other characters, in which the way you interact with them will decide Ivan's final ending. To be more specific, Ivan will start to gain more and more reputation through fighting monsters and interacting with NPCs. The result of it, of course, getting the notice from the girls! Don't let your grandma down!

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
The ending will change based on your choice

The game features multiple endings based on what you choose to go with the choices. And with many secret places, Yaga is very fun playing over and over again. Even better, with the hip-hop soundtrack from the hand of the folklore band Subcarpați, your experience will be like no others!

Release date and supported platforms of Yaga

Like the previous title - Cardpocalypse, Yaga is going to support a wide range of platforms. They include PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Mac, Linux, and Apple Arcade.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Yaga is welcoming a lot of devices

Unfortunately, there's any specific release date of the game yet. All we know so far is Yaga is coming out at some times this fall.