Previously, Gurugamer has announced you about the coming of the quirky RPG game from Versus Evil - Yaga. At that time, the game does have quite a lot of information about the story and gameplay features. However, we haven't know the specific release date of the game yet.

Well, up to now, we still don't have the exact launch date, but instead, we have narrower release windows. Yaga will come out in November.

Below is the new trailer of the game, which showcases one of the bosses that the poor blacksmith Ivan has to face - Nightingale the Robber:

Overview on Yaga

Our last post has covered the key information about Yaga's story and gameplay. But if it's too long for you, here's the summary:

Yaga takes the settings of a fantasy world from Slavic's folklore. You'll take control of the one-handed blacksmith name Ivan. The poor blacksmith has received totally three nearly-impossible missions - satisfying his grandma by grabbing a wife, following the ridiculous order of the Tzar, and staying away from the evil witch trying to manipulate him.

Yaga Launches November New Boss Trailer 2
The protagonist in Yaga is Ivan - an unlucky one-handed blacksmith

Only having one arm, how can our protagonist keep his life together? Using the blacksmith talent that he's proud of, Ivan can craft many weapons and equipment that he can attach to his lost arms. They include a gauntlet that can shoot deadly hook shots, as well as a powerful hammer that he can wield with his left hand.

Featuring multiple endings, many weapons to craft and dark but funny visuals, Yaga is promised to take away several hours of your precious leisure time grinding endlessly.

Yaga Is The Game About The Impossible Task Finding
Ivan needs to work hard to make up for his lost arm

And to add the more hype to the game, the developer has unleashed a trailer of Nightingale the Robber - one of the tough bosses that Ivan has to defeat. This one takes the inspiration from old Slavic's folklore, which the developer drops some hauntingly description.

To be more specific, Nightingale the Robber is a half-bird, half-man creature. He ambushes on top of the trees in the forest, waiting for random passing-by to and rob them. The things he wants to take away varies from their loot to their lives, and he doesn't care about your beg. He's fast, he's aggressive, and he can attack from afar.

Yaga Launches November New Boss Trailer 3
The Nightingale looks absolutely wicked!

The description below the trailer on Youtube is longer and more detailed, so you can have a look to learn about a character in Slavic folklore!

Pre-order now to get 20% discount

Alongside teasing a little bit on the Yaga's features, Versus Evil also took this chance to announced that you can pre-order the game right this moment.

Specifically, there are three options you can choose from. The first one is a single copy of Yaga, which is originally priced $9.99. But with this sale, you can grab it will only $7.99. You can also opt to get the Bad Luck Bundle, including one copy and the access to the game's soundtrack. The soundtrack pack alone is $2.39, but if you choose to get the Bundle, you can have all at the price of $9.99.

Yaga Launches November New Boss Trailer 1
Choose the best option for your budget!

Yaga is coming out for PC, Linux, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade in November.