I adore roguelike games. Just something about not knowing what will come at you make me love this genre. Rogue Legacy is one of those games and a great one at that. It offers you hours of entertainment.

Rogue Legacy for mobile

When looking at a title that is available on many different platforms, we need to answer one important question: How well does it translate to mobile

However, the answer is not so simple, it is Yes and at the same time No. Yes because I've been playing the mobile version of the game for hours even though I already played it on PS4 before. The reason I am uncertain about this mobile version is because of the control scheme. I tried to tweak the game controls with bigger buttons and also spaced them out. However, the control still makes me frustrated. Most of that frustration comes from the fact that on mobile I couldn't feel the button's edge, so it is rather easy to press two buttons at once by mistake.

A Review On Rogue Legacy An Incredible Mobile Titl
The touch control makes me frustrated while playing Rogue Legacy on mobile.

Still, that is true for all game on mobile with touch control, and overall the control scheme does not hinder anything from the game. Admittedly, dying from accidentally pressing the wrong button and jumping straight down a bed of spikes was entirely my fault and my inability to adapt to touch controls.

Is the game fun?

So with that control problem out of our way, now I can confirm that this is a great mobile title. It is the perfect game to pick up and play for a short session when you have a bit of time to spare.  There is also a constant goal system to encourage you to open the game daily.

Other mobile game genres such as Auto Chess and Battle Royales requires much more time and effort from you than most titles in the roguelike genre. That means it is more likely that you will play this title on the go than Dota Underlords or Fornite.

A Review On Rogue Legacy An Incredible Mobile Titl
Rogue Legacy features an ending, which is a clear goal for you to aim at.

The game also features an ending, which is a clear goal for you to aim at. Therefore, you won't have to keep playing this title forever. That ending I mentioned is to beat the one who killed your great-great-grandfather. To accomplish that, you must clear out all those bosses from the four zones in the castle.

To complete this game, you will probably need lots of attempts, slowly learning the attack patterns of the enemy and upgrading your skills and equipment in the process. Plus, you also need to unlock new classes and level up their abilities to clear out this hellish castle.

A Review On Rogue Legacy An Incredible Mobile Titl
It features stuff to do, stupid dances and silly skins to ignore, and secrets to discover.

Generally speaking, Rogue Legacy sets a standard that other titles should follow. It features stuff to do, secrets to discover, and there is no stupid skins or emotes to distract players. The basis of this game is to entertain.

Is the game easy?

Now this one is a straightforward question - No, Rogue Legacy is not easy. If you are looking for a simple and easy game to pass the time, then I warn you, you will not find that in Rogue Legacy. Sure, it is not as tricky as Archero, where you must spend months to progress, but it's still a very challenging task to avoid damage while facing the bosses, kill enemies and explore various rooms. That is the whole point, though.  They made this type of games for the veterans who are always looking for a good challenge.

A Review On Rogue Legacy An Incredible Mobile Titl
No, Rogue Legacy is not easy.

I admit it; the control problem means getting through harder areas are even more demanding compared to the console version. You won't get accurate touchscreen control, and if you connect it to a controller, the buttons will not disappear either. So this game is not a complete package, but you can consider that a part of the challenge, which makes the whole experience even challenging and fun. I have adapted with that, and I think that you can too.


If you just want a casual game to pass the time, then Rogue Legacy is not what you want. The game is meant to be difficult, and you will need to actually spend the effort to clear it out. On the other hand, if you are the type that loves a good challenge, then you'll absolutely love this game.