Attack On Titan is a massively popular anime series that at the moment spans across a whopping 28 volumes – and it’s still going strong too. As a result, making a mobile tie-in for this expansive story is no easy task.

With that in mind, we tried to evaluate Attack On Titan: Assault as generously as we can (while still maintaining objectivity, of course). Yet even then, this effort from developer GameSamba is just… kind of a mess. It tries too hard to be complex and different, but ultimately ended up being neither.

Attack On Titan: Assault Trailer

As a turn-based 3D RPG, Attack On Titan: Assault tasks you with controlling a team of heroes to fight against a variety of enemies. Some quick-time events are also included in the combat system, allowing you to deal more damage with your attacks by repeatedly tapping on the screen. No doubt this is intended as a way to make battles more interesting. Admittedly, it succeeded to a certain extent. After all, few things can top the satisfaction of bringing down a Titan the size of a mountain.

Attack On Titan Assault Releases For Ios 2 68a1
Slaying a towering Titan is admittedly satisfying

And then there are also gacha mechanics through which you can unlock new playable characters, an upgrade system for you to power up your team, and way, way too many menus.

That last part is the first of the many problems you’ll come across while playing this game. There are simply too many things going on, yet everything feels underdeveloped.

The plethora of options in these menus is barely explained and only lead to confusion. At the end of the day, though, they are basically just there to tell you to spend some real cash on purchasing more characters or other similar stuff.

Official Attack On Titan Assault Trailer 1 16 Scre
Lots of gacha mechanics

Now in-app purchases are present in just about every free mobile game, so we are willing to forgive Attack On Titan: Assault for that. But one thing we absolutely can NOT forgive is that they are practically mandatory – and relatively early on into the experience too – if you want to make any real progress.

To add insult to injury, the game has a ridiculously cheap presentation. Despite the 3D graphics, the characters are ugly and the animations are poorly made and even non-existent at times. All of that just make this an extremely unpleasant title that there’s no point in investing time in. I mean, honestly, if you want to make a cheap cashgrab game, at least have the decency to make it look pretty.

Attack On Titan Assault Tua Game Danh Cho Fan Cua
The entire thing is poorly designed

Add in tons server issues (especially for the Android version) and what we have here is a game that is absolutely not worth playing whatsoever – even if you are a hardcore Attack on Titan fan.