WoW arena 3x3

The World of Warcraft is limitless, as are the activities it has to offer players. That is why the servers have been full of players for over 10 years. There is a place for everyone: a wanderer, a magician, a warrior, a jeweler and even a tailor. But a certain part of the players chooses the path of endless battle for themselves. The arena path.

Wow Arena 3x3

Newbies may not know what this place is. But players who have been playing for a long time, with a high probability, spent more than one hundred hours there for awards and achievements. But what's a beginner to do? Also spend hundreds of hours testing strategies, honing skills, chasing rewards and loot?

If you do not have enough time to farm the required number of points, or you just want to watch and hear the comments of a professional, then welcome to us. Arena boosting 3x3 is an excellent solution in this situation.

Why is the arena so popular among players?

What is the arena phenomenon? Why does it attract so many players that they are only busy fighting on it? It is impossible to ignore the factor of the battle against a real opponent, not an in-game character. This adds excitement and interest to the battle. After all, it is much cooler to win with packs of real players and make them tremble with fear at the sight of your nickname than to kill boars in the forest.

But it is the arena rewards that play a big role. Only in the Arena players can get unique clothes that they can't get anymore. What can be obtained in the arena:

- For victories in fights, players will receive pts (points) used as currency. They are called "Conquest";

- For the "conquest" the player can buy the necessary things for himself: weapons, clothes and other items of equipment. All items will be unique, because otherwise they will not be obtained;

- The second type of currency is honor. It is also for buying items. You can get it for both rated and non-rated battles;

- For points, you can not only buy, but also improve items.

Farming points in the arena is also not easy. Players spend a lot of time there because of the reward system. The very first win of the day makes the most money. Subsequent victories bring much less. Players need time to farm currency.

The system of rewards and their number varies depending on the options and the mode that you have chosen. In addition, there are a number of time-based tasks: daily, weekly, seasonal, and so on. For their implementation, players will receive more experience and money + additional rewards.

Wow Arena

Boosting arena 3v3 in WOW

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Forward to the arena!

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