As you probably know, CS:GO skin trading is a very diversified and complicated market. And it’s not just limited to Steam – in fact, there are multiple trading sites which provide various levels of safety and transparency. Most of them use the same mechanisms, but the real factor that determines which ones are the best for trading is very simple: pricing. It may seem banal, but who likes to overpay for their skins?

You can sell CS:GO skins for real money on Skinwallet.

What are CS:GO trading sites?

To put it quite simply, trading sites are used to trade skins as a third-party service. Usually, they provide a lower price than the amount you have to pay for skins on Steam. There are numerous advantages that sites such as Skinwallet have over Steam – you can sell your skins for real money. On Steam, the revenue that you get from every transaction cannot be converted into real currency. Of course, you can buy other collectible items or games, but there’s no real profit from it.

However, that’s not the case with Skinwallet, one of the most popular CS:GO marketplaces. You can use it as a means for earning real money from your skins which is a great asset for every player. But how exactly does selling work on this site? Is it an easy procedure?

How to sell skins on Skinwallet?

Sell Skins On Skinwallet
With some simple steps, you can get money from selling your skins.

Overall, the process is very simple. Needless to say, you have to possess a Steam account and a Skinwallet account. Then, you have to open Steam, find the Skinwallet page, and input the data regarding your transaction. When the money’s transferred and the transaction is closed, you get a simple PayPal transfer. It’s very easy not only in theory, but also in reality. Just a few clicks, a bit of waiting for a customer, and the whole process is finished. The key factor to make the operation run smoothly is demanding a reasonable price.

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Why are CS:GO trading sites so popular?

There are multiple answers to this question. First of all, you have to remember that CS:GO marketplaces are all third-party services. They compete for your undivided attention. That’s why every reliable trading site has to be very intuitive and user-friendly. Most of these, including Skinwallet, are very reliable in that matter – no deep FAQ diving to sell a skin.

Secondly, according to some sources, Skinwallet is a very popular site with a lot of customers. Thanks to that, the average time of completing a transaction is very short – statistically speaking, it usually takes just a few minutes. The third reason for this site’s popularity is the pricing. The skins sold there are priced significantly lower than on the Steam marketplace. That’s why more and more players are signing up to it, generating a bigger demand.

Also, let’s not forget that Skinwallet is meant not only for CS:GO players, but Dota 2 too! As you can see, it’s a great platform for many types of popular games. It’s rapidly evolving and increasing its assets.

Dota 2
You can also sell Dota 2 skins on these CS:GO market places.

One more question: is this safe?

When using Skinwallet or most of the other CS:GO marketplaces, you don’t have to worry about privacy and other security issues. Every transaction is heavily protected, the risk of a data leak is basically nonexistent, and proper encryptions methods are in place. Furthermore, to limit any vulnerabilities from the users’ end, Skinwallet has decided to implement a two-step verification process. So don’t worry – your money on Skinwallet is always safe, almost like in a bank.

Are there any limitations to this?

Quite frankly, there are very few. One thing may be of importance in everyday use: Skinwallet has decided to limit the number of skins available to buy in a single transaction to 100. Although that may seem to be a serious detriment, are any casual (or even professional) players really buying 100 skins at once on a daily basis? Most probably not. And even if so, there’s nothing that prevents them from conducting another big transaction moments after that.

Csgo Banner
The maximum number of skins you can buy in one transaction is up to 100.

Conclusion. Are CS:GO trading sites worth it?

Most of the time, certainly. Two of the most important factors include profitable prices and user safety. On both these grounds, Skinwallet is a great choice for every CS:GO player!

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