Just now, many players have discovered that the Steam page of the legendary FPS game CS:GO has been deleted. When entering the page, users will receive an error message. Not just the page but other things such as names, achievements, and other game files.

Players will encounter this message when they open the Steam page of CS:GO

The game is apparently still be running like normal but people won't be able to download the game if they didn't have it in their library. Also, the Steam page to buy Pass Operation of CS:GO still remains.

The Steam page to buy the Pass Operation of CS:GO still remains even though there is no CS:GO

There has been no formal announcement from Valve regarding this incident. It is possible that someone at Valve has made a mistake and deleted everything. It also could be that Valve is preparing to upgrade CS:GO to Source 2.0 since CS:GO Source 2 has been introduced by Valve for quite some time already. It also might be that some hacker has attacked Steam and deleted the Steam page of CS:GO.

However, these are just speculations and the truth is that no one knows what is happening right now

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Images, movies, the release date of CS:GO are also removed from Steam as well

It doesn't matter what it is, a lot of CS:GO players are really confused and worried right now. Players really need some communication from Steam right now so they know what is happening. Unfortunately, communicating is not exactly the strong suit of Valve so we might have to wait for a while.

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Update:  The Store page of CS:GO has returned and working normally.

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